Lunch Menu 2021-2022

Monday:  BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potato, Fruit & Drink 

Tuesday: Pasta & Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread, Fruit & Drink

Wednesday:  Hamburger, French Fries, Salad, Fruit & Drink

Thursday:  Pizza, Salad, Chips, Fruit & Drink

Friday: Hot Dog, Rice, Vegetable, Fruit & Drink
(Preschool- Sandwiches; Tuna, Egg & Sunbutter/ jelly)

Cost for whole lunch: $5.00



This year you can purchase ONLY a whole lunch ($5.00) every day, (with the exception of Wednesday when you can purchase french fries for $2.00).

Please pay to the front office in advance by credit card or turn in cash or check at check in (be sure to mark it ‘Lunch Program’.

In addition you can pay in advance via:

Please Note: We will only deduct from your account when your child actually purchases a lunch. We are trying to avoid all cash transactions at the cafeteria due to Covid-19 restrictions.  



If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Rapoport at 714-863-1527 or [email protected]

Birthday Cupcakes

Families interested in purchasing cupcakes may contact the Front Desk to place their orders. Please call: (714) 898-0051

Pizza Dinner (Thursday Only)

Families interested in purchasing pies of pizza may contact the Front Desk and place their orders. Please call: (714) 898-0051

Cost: $18 per pie (whole pies only) 

Please select:

  • Half Baked (partially baked, finish at home for 10 minutes)
  • Fully Baked (reheat only) 

Pizzas will be available after school in front office and/or delivery to scheduled bus stops.

Please note: Orders must be placed no later than 9:00 am on scheduled day of pickup.