More pictures of Rochel Leah Schusterman here. 

Dear Family, Friends, Students and the many who were impacted by the life of our mother, Rochel Leah (Deitsch) Schusterman of blessed memory, 

This Daled Nissan (2016) marks the 30th yahrtzeit of our dear mother whose short 36 years impacted thousands of people through her kind and caring ways, her strong chassidishe example, and her gentle wisdom.

Our mother loved teaching Chumash to the high school girls of Hebrew Academy Lubavitch in Long Beach, CA. It wasn’t just a subject, though. She also was a living example of Torah and Chassidus for the girls she taught and everyone who knew her. At this milestone yahrtzeit, we, her children, have commissioned a Sefer Torah to be written in her memory.

We invite her friends, family, community, students and any interested parties to be a part of this endeavor. 

One of our mother’s most well-remembered qualities was her ahavas Yisroel, her love of a fellow Jew, students, community members, and relatives all included. The letters of Torah represent each individual Jew and their uniqueness united in a single scroll symbolizing the whole of the Jewish people. In this Hakhel year, to launch a unity Torah celebrating her life is, we hope, a fitting tribute to her legacy of ahavas Yisroel. 

The Torah will be used for new Shluchim or Rabbis needing a Torah during their first year or for other circumstances where a sefer Torah is needed for temporary use. 

If you have been touched by our mother please consider joining this project to complete a new Torah in her memory. Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and will bring us closer to our goal of $45,000. $15,000 has already been raised! 

Checks should be made payable to the RLS Torah Fund c/o Chabad Intown and mailed to 990 St. Charles Avenue, Atlanta GA 30306. Donations are tax deductible. 

For larger gifts, please contact 

Thank you for participating in this project to help us create a worthy tribute to our mother! 

Yours truly,

Sholom Yeshiya, Eliyahu, Mendel, Nechemia, Hinda, Ezzy, 
Berel, Shula, Sheina, Yekusiel, and Tzippy, and families