Head of School - Rabbi Yitzchak Newman

Principal - Dr. Bryn Harari

Dean of Students - Mr. Patrick Crowley

Jewish Studies Administrators - Rabbi Yossi Rapoport (US)
Rabbi Avrohom Popack (LS) 
Mrs. Rochel Leah Stillerman (US) 

Student Services Coordinator - Mrs. Meagan (Brown) Varona

Success in The Hebrew Academy of Orange County can be attributed to our commitment  to relationship-based education. Instructors are dedicated to the well-being of every student.  They serve as guides and mentors along every student’s educational journey. They get to know each student’s strengths and areas for growth. They attend to student’s needs and support them in and out of school, attending performances and celebrating special events together, sharing weekend trips and activities with their families, and staying connected beyond the student’s tenure at school. Our students know they can rely on their teachers to help them master difficult concepts, engage in deep discussions and talk through personal challenges. Students develop lasting bonds of trust and camaraderie with our teachers and staff.  Alumni from every year of the school’s long history return to campus as parents and grandparents to reconnect with and re-commit to the school that played a transformative role in their lives.


Students feel seen, heard and loved for who they are.  As a result, our graduates are independent, self-assured and conscientious citizens who identify proudly as Jews. They know that their voice and their actions matter. The education they receive at The Hebrew Academy prepares them to make a meaningful impact in the world. Regardless of the path they choose, they know that they belong to an enduring tradition and heritage that will be there for them no matter where they go.






Dr. Bryn Harari Hebrew Academy.JPG

Our Principal, Dr Harari has been with The Hebrew Academy since 2016. Along with 30 years of experience in public and private education, she brings passion, commitment and a vision for our community that encompasses the highest level of academics and a strong Jewish education for every student.  She received her BA in psychology from University of California at San Diego, and completed a Master’s in Education, followed by a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara. Her professional experience spans administrative leadership, teacher training in colleges and universities nation-wide, curriculum development and program design, research, and consulting. She has studied interpersonal communication for 25 years and has practiced as a parent educator, executive coach, and consultant.

Confronted with the limits of public education, Dr. Harari turned to Jewish Day School education where she quickly realized the tremendous potential for whole-child education available in this setting. She leads our school in ongoing and continuous improvement driven by best practices and current educational pedagogy that drives excellence.  She emphasizes high academic achievement, integrating STREAM, social-emotional learning, and Habits of Mind that cultivates life-long learners.

Raised in Southern California with a strong commitment to education, “Tikkun Olam” (social justice) and an appreciation for diverse cultures.  She is a world traveler and a life-long learner, fascinated by language, culture, sociology, and history. She and her husband and her 3 sons enjoy hiking, the beach, skiing, travelling, reading, and learning together.  Her favorite past time is spending leisure time with her family.

Dr. Harari loves being part of the community at The Hebrew Academy, and is continually excited about the ever-improving educational program that benefits the students at The Academy.  Each year, Dr. Harari looks forward to getting to know each and every student, and working closely with parents in deepening their commitment to the learning environment at the Hebrew Academy.