Rabbi Yossi Rapoport - Judaic Upper School Administrator

Patrick Crowley - Dean of Students 

Mr. Crowley has been working with The Hebrew Academy since 2017.  He supports our school climate and community to ensure that every student has the most expansive opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.  He is also a dynamic and creative Social Studies teacher. Originally from Philadelphia, Mr. Crowley brings a diverse range of teaching and administrative experiences in numerous prestigious settings including New York City schools and Johns Hopkins University.  He has earned multiple and advanced degrees from Columbia University and Boston College. 

Marjan Jahanfard - Middle and High School Math Teacher

Mrs. Jahanfard has been a member of The Hebrew Academy family since her own now-grown daughters graduated.  She has been dedicated and revered math teacher since 2012 teaching a wide range of math classes, ranging from Middle School math to PreCalculus. After earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and working in the corporate world for several years, Mrs. Jahanfard went back University of Pittsburgh where she graduated cum laude and went on to earn her teaching credential.  She is best known for her dedication to every student’s success and the unique real-world projects she creates to engage students and demonstrate the practical utility of math in “real life”. 

Shani Newman - Upper School Math


Dorian Shiver - Science Teacher and xSTREAM Lab Coordinator

Dorian Shiver has been teaching at The Hebrew Academy since 2018. Prior to joining The Hebrew Academy family he worked as a dual-language classroom and as a STEM instructor. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to parents who were both teachers, he was raised with a passion for learning from an early age. A love of language led him to the stage, where he performed in plays throughout middle and high school, and went on to study theatre at the University of New Mexico. Subsequently he earned a Master’s Degree in Education and then relocated to California, where he currently lives with his wife and dog, Chloe.  He brings passion, dedication, curiosity, and a sincere devotion to the art and science of teaching. 

Nicolas Constantino - Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Constantino is The Hebrew Academy’s newest member of the faculty and has quickly become a highly regarded Social Studies teacher.  He runs the Associated Student Body Government and supports the Yearbook staff as well. Having grown up in Orange County, Mr. Constantino earned a BA in Political Science from UC Irvine, where he graduated cum laude.  After some experience working in campaigns and government, he felt a calling to the field of education, and subsequently pursued a teaching credential from CSU Long Beach. He is passionate about teaching history and believes that history is key to understanding identity, teaching lessons from successes and failures past, and engaging in constant practice of critical thinking and reflection.  Mr. Constantino strives for each student to feel welcomed, supported, safe in a stable classroom environment so that they are free to actively take the lead in their learning and growth. He encourages students to make every day a success. When he’s not teaching, Mr. Constantino enjoys reading, going to the movies and the beach, and trying new foods.