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Mrs. Rochel Leah Stillerman is the of Director of Student Life for the Hebrew Academy middle and high school girls. Mrs. Stillerman, together with her husband Tzali and children, serve as the Chabad Shluchim in Aliso Viejo, California. Mrs. Stillerman has been a leading teacher and Mashpia in the Upper School for the past decade and has served as special advisor to the Administration. Students rave about Mrs. Stillerman’s vibrant approach to teaching and her ability to weave life lessons into each class. Her scholarly approach to Judaic learning and her devotion to the well-being of the students, make her a perfect addition to the administrative staff of the Upper school.

In her position, Mrs. Stillerman works in developing Judaic curriculum as well as working with the B’nos youth directors as a supervisor, helping them plan engaging and meaningful programs for the students.  She advises students in religious values, life goals, and general emotional growth. She is available to meet with students to oversee their progress. Many of Mrs. Stillerman’s past students report back to me about their close personal connection with Mrs. Stillerman, and her active involvement in their lives, long after they leave the Hebrew Academy.

According to Mrs. Stillerman: “I feel fortunate and excited to be able to help chart the future for the students at the Hebrew Academy. Middle and High school years are crucial and of vital importance for our students. I feel fortunate to play a pivotal role in their future.”