Mishmor Power Hour

August 30, 2019


Dear Parents,


We are proud to announce that The Hebrew Academy will once again be offering the Tuesday afternoon Mishmor program. This program offers our students an additional hour of enriching Judaic instruction each week. Mishmor is a wonderful program, designed to inspire our students with a heightened awareness and appreciation for the soul and spirit of our people. 


The fee for this year’s program is $150.00 per child through 8th grade..


These fees cover all related expenses, including where applicable: Transportation, Tzivos Hashem membership, instructors, snacks, incentives, prizes and special projects. On some auspicious days in the Jewish calendar, Farbrengen’s (gatherings) and complimentary dinner will be included as well..


The Mishmor program will commence on Tuesday,September 10th.


The weekly program begins with a snack in the lunch area at 3:30, followed by classes until 4:45.


Transportation will be provided to Long Beach and Irvine. The buses will depart The Hebrew Academy at 4:50 pm and will arrive to LB at 5:15 and to Irvine 5:25 approximately.



1st - 5th Grade Students:

We will once again be incorporating learning components from ‘Tzivos Hashem International’, the world's largest Jewish Children’s organization for the younger grades. This program will include text-based learning, Niggunim (soulful songs), stories of our great sages, special projects and lots, lots more. Starting in the 4th grade, there will also be a focus on the Chidon- Rambam competetion.



Middle School Girls:

We will offer a fun club for our Middle School girls to provide an opportunity for students to engage in special activities (ie scrapbooking, art projects) incorporating learning and discussion components. A hands on creative project will be done together with each lesson. 



Middle School Boys:

The Middle School boys will have an opportunity to learn classical text-based study of Jewish Law (Halacha) and a weekly lesson in the deeper dimensions of the parsha.



High School Girls:

The weekly mishmor program is essential to our full Judaic curriculum and will be supplemented with additional yahadus and Jewish philosophy. Mishmor at this level is mandatory and there is no charge. Any student not able to stay in school for Mishmor must speak to Rabbi Rapoport prior to class. 


If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us:


1st - 5th Grade Students:

Rabbi Sender Engel : sender@campsgi.com

Or, Rabbi Popack: rabbipopack@hacds.org 


Upper School Students:

Rabbi Rapoport: rrapoport@hacds.org 


Looking forward to an inspiring year of learning and growing!




Students must be enrolled to participate in the program. 

All students not enrolled before Tuesday, will be directed to take the 3:30 bus home or to homework club. Please register today