High School

Since 1969 the mission of The Hebrew Academy has been to provide a high quality program that inspires students to reach their highest personal and academic potential. Hebrew Academy offers separate, on-campus high school facilities that provide students from all Jewish backgrounds a dedicated learning environment focused on preparation for higher education.

Within this rigorous, challenging, and supportive community, under the guidance and mentorship of our dedicated faculty, students continue their journey of self-discovery. Our balanced program cultivates a passion for learning, the academic skills for success, and the moral imperative to make a positive difference in the world. Our success can be attributed to the very personal nature of our small program - we provide a challenging and rigorous curriculum in an extended family atmosphere.As a Hebrew Academy high school student, your child will graduate with the knowledge, values, and experiences that universities seek and the world needs.

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The Hebrew Academy’s next generation learning approach: 

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Cooperation, Communication, Compassion, Character, Citizenship and Leadership