Since 1969 the mission of The Hebrew Academy has been to provide a high quality program that inspires students to reach their highest personal and academic potential. Hebrew Academy offers separate, on-campus high school facilities that provide students from all Jewish backgrounds a dedicated learning environment focused on preparation for higher education.

Within this rigorous, challenging, and supportive community, under the guidance and mentorship of our dedicated faculty, students continue their journey of self-discovery. Our balanced program cultivates a passion for learning, the academic skills for success, and the moral imperative to make a positive difference in the world. Our success can be attributed to the very personal nature of our small program - we provide a challenging and rigorous curriculum in an extended family atmosphere. As a Hebrew Academy high school student, your child will graduate with the knowledge, values, and experiences that universities seek and the world needs.

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The Hebrew Academy’s next generation learning approach: 

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Cooperation, Communication, Compassion, Character, Citizenship and Leadership  

Hebrew Academy’s high school program places an emphasis on preparing  students to thrive in university and beyond. With our college-preparatory curriculum and individualized college counseling, 100% of Hebrew Academy high school graduates are accepted to institutions of higher education. Many of our students go on to study at the nation’s leading universities, including UC and Ivy League institutions.

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the University of California, our robust general studies program includes a broad offering of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that give our students a head start in their college goals.

All high school courses promote an in-depth understanding of subject matter, with an emphasis on problem solving, analysis, experimentation, and independent thinking. Our well-rounded and rigorous high school curriculum includes:

Language Arts
• Math
• Science
• Hebrew Language
• History
• Humanities
• Jewish Studies
• Technology
• Visual and Performing Arts
• A wide range of co-curricular activities

Hebrew Academy’s high school program places an emphasis on preparing students to thrive in university and beyond.

With our college-preparatory curriculum and individualized college counseling, 100% of Hebrew Academy high school graduates are accepted to institutions of higher education.

Many of our students go on to study at the nation’s leading universities, including UC and Ivy League institutions.

College and Career Counseling and Support Advanced Placement - AP College Test Prep

Students in 9th-12th grade participate in bi-monthly Advisory class designed to assist students in planning and setting goals for high school and post-high school education.

During advisory class, students also learn about the SAT and NMSQT* test formats and work on nonacademic test skills like time management and process of elimination. 

Students in 11th and 12th grade are guided in the college application process including FAFSA, the Common App, SAT/ACT, essay writing, deferring acceptance, recommendations in addition to the seminary enrollment process.

*National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

The Hebrew Academy provides high school Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to enroll in a variety of AP classes.*

Students can also choose to take online AP classes through UC Scout, an online high school program offered by the University of California, with the support of an instructor on campus.

Some students choose to independently prepare for an AP exam while concurrently enrolled in the course offered at school, such as United States History, Biology, or English. 

In this case, the teacher provides extensions to their curriculum that match AP standards and testing requirements while still offering a more traditional classroom setting.

*Sophomores can petition with the administration to enroll in an AP class. 

College preparation and the SATs play an important part of our school culture.

Students are first exposed to the SAT exam in 8th grade when they, along with the 9th graders, take the PSAT 8/9 exam.

The 10th and 11th grade students take the PSAT 10/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). 

11th grade students also take the SAT in May of their junior year. 

Students are provided with a College Board account beginning in 9th grade. This allows them to access individualized SAT prep lessons through Khan Academy.

Students may opt to take a semester-long online SAT prep class during their junior year. 

Hebrew Academy English Language and Math teachers prepare students with test-specific skills with an eye on the test requirements. 


Hebrew Academy offers a comprehensive Jewish education for students from diverse backgrounds. As a high school student, your child will participate in Judaic studies that enrich his or her understanding of Jewish values, heritage, culture, and language. While helping create a connection to the Jewish experience and community, Judaic studies also add to your child's scholarship and academic achievements.


While developing strong scholars, our high school program also encourages  students to develop strength of character. Our innovative curriculum identifies connections between classroom lessons and core values of kindness, respect, gratitude, truth, and courtesy. Students learn to put their knowledge to work for the good of their neighbors, their communities, and their world at large.

High school students benefit from our unique approach to blended learning which combines one-to-one laptop instruction, web-based learning,  and interactive content beyond the static text-book. Through face-to-face mentoring with faculty,  students are encouraged to discover and reach  their full potential. With anytime access to standards-based online curriculum, students extend their  education outside the classroom. And with learning technology integrated into every classroom, scholars develop the 21st-century skills they need to compete.

As they advance through high school, students discover their own gifts and aspirations. At Hebrew Academy, they’ll be supported in this journey of self-discovery. Whether presenting in front of the classroom, testing a hypothesis in the lab, creating in front of a canvas, or scoring a goal on the soccer field, your child will have ample opportunities to express his or her talents and build life-long confidence.

Hebrew Academy high school students have access to the latest learning tools and technology in and beyond the classroom. Along with two state-of-the-art mobile computer labs, every classroom is equipped with learning technologies for guided research and creative projects. Our on-campus lending library offers an extensive collection of publications for student use. Smart boards allow for interactive classroom instruction, while virtual classrooms connect students to global learning experiences.

With excellent facilities on-campus, our outstanding athletics program encourages high school students to embrace competition while understanding the importance of team work and sportsmanship. 

Students enjoy access to t wo outdoor soccer fields, volleyball and basketball courts, baseball/softball field, covered Jr. Olympic-size pool.



The Hebrew Academy welcomes families to share in an exceptional learning experience that honors our Jewish roots, nurtures our students’ unique talents, and inspires lifelong innovation and creativity.