At the Hebrew Academy Orange County, pre-school through grade twelve students develop a deep love of learning in both general and Judaic studies. Our dedicated staff, teachers, and warm, welcoming community provide a nurturing, stimulating, and challenging environment that encourages all students to reach their full potential to act as self-confident, responsible citizens with a strong connection to their Judaism, Israel, and community. 




School Philosophy





  • An effective education must include a religious component.  
  • An effective Jewish education must include a balance between General and Judaic studies with an over-arching focus on scholarship.
  • Opportunities must be provided for all Jewish children to receive a Jewish education.
  • A quality program must include a caring and nurturing environment. 
  • Students should be taught respect for all individuals.
  • Students should be prepared to become productive members of society. 
  • Appreciation for the process of learning will encourage students to achieve the highest levels of learning. 
  • Students should be aware of their civic responsibilities and current events in community and world wide.
  • It is important to celebrate what it means to be an American. 
  • Loyalty to Judaism and intelligent Jewishness cannot be separated from Jewish learning. 
  • Jewish learning sources in the Torah. 
  • Through professional instruction the Torah can be made accessible, in its original form, to every child.



  • The total education of the Jewish child in a warm, extended family environment.  

  • Involvement with the Jewish community through promotion of spiritual and ritual observances.  

  • Providing the highest academic standards in both secular and Jewish studies.  



  • Instill students with an intellectual curiosity and prepare them to reach their highest academic and personal potential.  

  • Encourage students to participate fully in American culture.  

  • Enable students to meet the many challenges of contemporary life.    

  • Instill ethical and moral values, including respect and understanding of the rights of others.       

  • Educate students in Jewish traditions and observances.