The Hebrew Academy Parent Association WhatsApp was created and designed to bring families of The Hebrew Academy together and to distribute information to the families of Hebrew Academy.

Please email: to be added to the PA WhatsAPP.

Below are some guidelines to using the WhatsApp group. Since discussion of certain "hot topics" can create a divide rather than bring people together, please refrain from the discussing them if it doesn't directly relate to The Hebrew Academy, it's families or it's students. Some examples are:

●     Politics

●     Vaccines - in regards to pro or anti or alternative schedules (as related to school requirements is ok just keep it neutral please)

●     Covid - Anything not directly related to school should not be posted.

●     Religion - degree of, level of kashrus and any other personal choice related to another family's choices regarding spirituality should not be discussed here. 

●     Advertisements - please refrain from advertising on the PA WhatsApp unless given explicit permission or unless it is in direct relation to The Hebrew Academy.

●     Negative comments regarding lifestyle choices, judgmental attitudes or personal attacks are never ok and will be reason for removal for the group.

In addition to the guidelines, please use respectful and kind language. If an issue or problem arises, it is always best to take the conversation to private message rather than continuing it on the forum.

There are other WhatsApp groups where the majority of participants are Hebrew Academy families and where these topics will be welcome. A couple of examples are: Real Moms Connection, OC Jewish Moms

The Hebrew Academy WhatsApp is a tool that when used properly, facilitates quick communication, unity and community connection. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to any of the people labelled ADMIN on the group contact list.

Thank you for being an active part of The Hebrew Academy Parent Association.