Covid-19 Distance Learning FAQs  

We regularly consult guidelines and recommendations from the  Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the  Orange County Department of Public Health and the  Department of EducationWe are committed to providing you additional updates as more information becomes available.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is an alternative form of education that enables students to learn from home should the need arise. Be sure to complete the Health Inquiry Form to enroll your child in the distance learning option. 

Please Note: Online / distance learning is only available for students who are affected by COVID related circumstances. COVID related circumstances can be defined as any situation where you would otherwise send your student to school, but because of current COVID concerns, you are keeping your student home. Google Classroom is available at all times. All teachers have posted learning activities that students can complete at home with a developmentally appropriate degree of independence. Students do not need permission to access Google Classroom and should be encouraged to refer to it on any day that they are absent so they can remain current on classwork and learning.

Distance Learning Protocol:

Students who are Distance Learning are responsible for the same standards of behavior that apply in the classroom.

This includes:

Showing up on camera, on time and not coming and going from the Meet classroom;

Being dressed in uniform and prepared for the day, having finished breakfast and gathered the necessary classroom materials;

Sitting up at a desk or table and exhibiting the same etiquette and behavior that is expected in the classroom;

Being available to participate without distractions from other family members.

New Program Revisions:

Access to Meet links will be made available only after parents complete this Health Inquiry/Report form describing student's COVID related circumstances for DL’ing.  

DL’ing will not be available on the first day of absence in most cases. Classroom and Itinerant teachers require time to prepare materials for DL students. When students are at home without materials and without information from the teacher about the program for the day, their participation can detract from the rest of the class. On the first day of absence, students are required to access Google Classroom for assignments. If students qualify for DL’ing on subsequent days teachers will communicate with parents or students with instructions. 

In the event of a class quarantine, Distance Learning will resume immediately. To provide consistency, clarity, and reassurance for students, all daily schedules and policies remain in place. 

We appreciate your compliance with this policy and request your cooperation as we work together to provide the optimum learning environment for your student and all students at The Hebrew Academy.

If you need any assistance during your distance learning, please contact Lena Balakhaneh our itinerant teacher at: [email protected] or extension 276