Join us for a fabulous evening of fun at our annual Auction Royale while benefiting your child with a big upgrade to the school's playground structure!

This year's Auction Royale's appeal is focused on funding the acquisition of new playground equipment for both the preschool and middle school. This will ensure a safe and enjoyable space where our children can learn, play, and grow together—a cherished tradition in our Jewish culture.

As part of our enduring commitment to excellence, the Hebrew Academy recognizes the pivotal role of a vibrant and engaging play environment in our students' development. Research and experience have affirmed that a well-designed playground contributes to improved physical and cognitive development, fosters better social skills, and enhances overall well-being. It's a space where our students can learn, grow, and forge lasting friendships.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support over the years. Auction Royale has been instrumental in driving projects and programs that have left a lasting, positive impact on our Hebrew Academy students. From the creation of an expansive outdoor play area and tennis court to the development of a library patio, the establishment of the xSTREAM Lab, the Makerspace/Art Studio, and upgrades to our lunch area—your generosity and dedication have made all of these accomplishments possible.

We are thrilled to announce that the funds raised for this project will have double the impact, as it will be generously matched by philanthropic supporters who share our vision.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor for our children. We appreciate your consideration and support. Please RSVP to celebrate together on Sunday, January 7, 2023, as we bid on a bright future for every student!

We look forward to greeting you!