Early Childhood Education

Our preschool is staffed with trained early childhood educators. Each member of our school  faculty has a strong commitment to quality Jewish education and is sensitive to the needs of the children and  their families.

The faculty meets weekly to discuss curriculum, plan programs, and share and exchange ideas. In order to uphold the high standards of our program, staff development is ongoing throughout the year. This ensures that our teachers remain alert to the ever-changing needs of today's families and to the findings of current research.

ECE Staff Directory

The school phone number is: 714-898-0051

Morah Chanie Perelmuter
 Director - Ext. 204
Cell: 714-863-0757


Miss Janette Chavoya  / Miss Celeste Servin
Little Gan / Infant Center - Ext. 253

Miss Gabi Chaires / Morah Kedma Cantor  
Young Toddlers - Ext 251 
gchaires@hacps.org / kcantor@hacps.org

Miss Anna McNeil / Morah Mimi Greenman 
2's - Ext. 252 
amcneil@hacps.org / mgreenman@hacps.org

Miss Emily Crane / Morah Sarah Fried / Morah Rochel Kantor
3's - Ext. 273
ecrane@hacps.org / sfried@hacps.org / rkantor@hacps.org

Miss Deana Dillon
4's - Ext. 273

Morah Raizel Weinbaum
Pre-K - Ext. 274 

Miss Danielle Hartman
Pre-K - Ext. 275

Support Staff

Miss Kelley Burras Ext. 204

  Miss Rosie Pulido Ext. 273

  Morah Sarah Isti Ext. 252

Miss Angela Castaneda Ext. 252

Miss Megan Kelley Ext. 275

Morah Leah Shapiro Ext. 275