Educational computer apps and websites offer interactive and engaging experiences, promoting cognitive development, problem-solving abilities, and technological literacy while making learning enjoyable.


Recommended by Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Kahn

"I like lots of learning and fun for children. It's easy to navigate."

Unlock Limitless Learning with Khan Academy
The Ultimate Educational App/Website according to Mrs. Newman,
Upper School Math Teacher and Lower School Student Support

Discover a game-changer in education recommended by our teacher! Khan Academy offers a wealth of resources for every subject, with a special focus on outstanding math courses. Dive into interactive problem-solving journeys, where Khan Academy guides you step-by-step, ensuring mastery of concepts. Give your child a head start in any subject with this remarkable tool! Embrace the power of Khan Academy and watch knowledge soar!
IXL teaches math, language, science and more through an easy-to-use digital platform according to preschool teacher Kristine Ifantis.

"iXL builds skills in reading and math for Kindergarten" - Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Kahn

The IXL platform is a personalized digital learning space that covers K-12 curriculum and is used by more than 14 million students. With over 9,000 skills in math, English language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish, it is a very comprehensive service. 


Empowering students with personalized learning for academic success.
Mrs. Rainey, 4th grade teacher

Discover the power of iReady, the dynamic learning platform embraced by the Hebrew Academy all year long. By dedicating time to iReady over the summer, students can continue to thrive academically, reinforcing their skills and gaining a competitive edge for the upcoming school year.



Students already use Epic! throughout the school year. If you purchase the subscription they will have access to books all day!

"This resource is amazing! Students can listen to books or read books themselves.
They have a huge library of fiction and non-fiction resources." 

Dr. Varona, Student Support Specialist.

"Epic reads to children when mom and dad cannot."
Mrs. Kahn, Kindergarten Teacher

Fun Lab by the California Science Center
Nourish your mind online with activities, videos, virtual tours, podcasts and more!

recommended by Upper School Science Teacher, Dr. Marin


Unleash Your Inner Wildlife Explorer: Discover Endless Adventures at SDZ Wildlife Explorers!
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of animals: Dive into a virtual wildlife wonderland at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers website! Watch captivating videos, read captivating stories, engage in interactive activities, and play thrilling games, all while gaining valuable information about a diverse array of magnificent creatures. Get ready to embark on an educational and entertaining journey that will ignite your curiosity and love for wildlife!"

recommended by Upper School Science Teacher, Dr. Marin