Engaging in STEM activities nurtures curiosity, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, empowering children to become active learners and preparing them for future challenges in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.


Dr. Harari, Principal:

From Sand to Science: Turn Your Beach Trip into an Unforgettable STEM Adventure!

Click the Link below and uncover a world of exciting ideas to make your beach trip an educational blast.



Mrs. Newman, Upper School Math Teacher and Lower School Student Support:

Explosive STEM Fun: Create Elephant Toothpaste for an Unforgettable Beach Trip Adventure!

Click the Link below and discover how to make elephant toothpaste in your own home:



Dr. Marin, Upper School Science Teacher

Snowstorm in a Bottle

You know the mesmerizing feeling of watching the snow fall during a snowstorm?

With this project, you can make your own snowstorm in a flask - Click the link below to learn how.



Unleash the Scientist Within: Create Sensory Play Materials for Endless STEM Fun!

Kristine Ifantis, Preschool Teacher

Engage your little ones in the captivating world of STEM through the creation of their very own sensory play materials.

By incorporating science into play, children embark on a hands-on journey of exploration and discovery. From homemade slime and kinetic sand to fizzy eruptions and sensory bottles, these DIY sensory play materials offer endless opportunities for sensory exploration, fine motor skill development, and scientific curiosity. Let your child's imagination flourish as they dive into the world of STEM through engaging and educational play!





Build BIG with Everyday Materials: Unleash STEM Creativity at Home!

By: Dr. Varona, Student Support Specialist

It's time to build BIG using everyday materials!

Gather a large collection of plastic cups – they make fantastic building blocks! Get creative with straws and tape – they can be configured in endless ways!

Encourage your child's imagination to soar as they construct HUGE structures, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. Watch as they develop essential STEM skills while having a blast.

Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Kahn adds: 

Enhance the play experience by adding:

Play animal figures, People figures or even Dinosaurs

Encourage children to explore STEM concepts and develop problem-solving skills by engaging in activities such as:

Building bridges or determining the capacity of their buildings

Through these building adventures, children can unleash their creativity, become innovators, and cultivate valuable skills that will serve them well in the future.


Embrace Life Skills and Play-Based Learning!

By: Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher

Discover the joy of learning through life skills and play this summer! Engage in activities that foster valuable skills while having a blast.

Help mom or dad with shopping and cooking, where you can practice math concepts like money, decimals, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Household Repairs:
Tackle household repairs together, exploring the realms of physics and math.

Get hands-on in the garden, delving into the wonders of life science.

Outdoor Adventures:
Enjoy outdoor adventures on bikes, playgrounds, parks, beaches, and pools, promoting kinesthetic learning, cause and effect understanding, and exploring physics concepts.

Unleash your creativity by building with Legos, enhancing engineering skills, or molding playdoh to develop fine motor skills and engage in engineering challenges.

Nurture your artistic side by drawing, writing, coloring, and creating.

Visit your local library and participate in a summer reading challenge to fuel your love for books.

Brain Quest:
And for additional support, consider the Brain Quest summer bridge workbooks, available at Target and Costco, offering engaging exercises that bridge learning gaps and keep you sharp for the upcoming school year.

This summer, make learning an adventure and watch your skills soar!