Family trips create lasting memories, strengthen bonds, and encourage exploration of different cultures and environments, fostering curiosity, adaptability, and an appreciation for the world around them.


Beach Bliss:

Dive into the sun-kissed shores as often as possible, soaking up the seaside delights and building sandcastles with your little ones.
Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher


Angels Games:

Catch the excitement of a live baseball game at the Angels Stadium, immersing yourselves in the energy of America's favorite pastime.
Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher


Camping Adventures:

Embark on a thrilling tent camping experience in Big Bear, surrounded by the beauty of nature and creating lasting family bonds around the campfire.
Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher


Movie Magic:

Delight in weekly movie nights in the park, offered by local parks, providing a perfect opportunity to gather with the community and enjoy a family-friendly film under the stars.

Enjoy $1 children's movies at Regal theaters on Wednesdays, treating your family to cinematic wonders while beating the summer heat.
Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher


Discovery Cube:

Explore the wonders of science and hands-on learning at The Discovery Cube, where young minds can embark on fascinating educational journeys.
Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher & Mrs. Kahn, Kindergarten Teacher


Concerts in the Park

Experience the magic of live music where weekly concerts in the park offer the chance to savor a picnic dinner while being serenaded by talented musicians.
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Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher


Irvine Regional Park

"Irvine Regional Park is the ultimate grandkids' paradise! It's safe, affordable, and a ton of fun! And guess what? On Tuesdays, parking is only $2!"
Coach Jake


Natural History Musuem, L.A.

"There is always something that interests a young mind."
Mrs. Kahn, Kindergarten Teacher


Aquarium of the Pacific

Dive into Family Fun at the Aquarium of the Pacific: Get the Family Membership for Endless Ocean Adventures!
Kristine  Ifantis, Preschool Teacher


Laguna Beach Art Festival

Today, Laguna Beach offers a variety of galleries, museums, and four annual art festivals. Sawdust Art & Craft Festival, Art-A-Fair, Festival of Arts, and Pageant of the Masters.
Coach Jake


Visit your Local Library

"I always recommend going to your local library. Endless books!"
Dr. Varona, Student Support Specialist

"Engage in summer reading library programs, where your children can discover new worlds and immerse themselves in the joy of books."
Mrs. Rainey, 4th Grade Teacher


Tanaka Farms:

"Tanaka Farms in Irvine is also a fun place to go— kids love the tractor rides!"
Dr. Varona, Student Support Specialist


The Arboretum at Cal State Fullerton

The arboretum at Cal State Fullerton is also really wonderful. It's full of beautiful plants and is the perfect place to write a nature poem!
Dr. Varona, Student Support Specialist


Jewish Overnight Summer Camps

"My experience at Camp Alonim opened my eyes to the incredible value of Jewish overnight camps. They provide a unique blend of joyful exploration, personal growth, and a deep connection to Jewish culture. It's more than just a summer adventure; it's a transformative experience that builds skills, forges lifelong friendships, and instills a sense of pride in our heritage. Sending kids to Jewish overnight camps creates memories and connections that last a lifetime."
Mrs. Newman, Upper School Math Teacher and Lower School Student Support:


Science-related resources and programs that middle/high school students can benefit from,
as well as educational sites to visit and engage with exhibits/programs:

By: Dr. Marin, Upper School Science teacher

  1. Orange Coast College Planetarium: Explore the wonders of the universe through immersive planetarium shows and educational programs. Visit their website for more information: Orange Coast College Planetarium.
  2. Back Bay Newport Conservancy: Participate in upcoming events and engage with conservation efforts at the Back Bay in Newport. Discover the natural beauty and learn about environmental conservation: Back Bay Newport Conservancy.
  3. Orange County Events: Stay up-to-date with science-related events happening in Orange County by visiting this link: Orange County Events.
  4. Ocean Institute Summer Camp: Dive into marine science and hands-on learning through the Ocean Institute's summer camp programs. Explore marine life, conduct experiments, and engage in exciting oceanic adventures: Ocean Institute Summer Camp.
  5. Griffith Observatory: Visit the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles for a celestial experience. Explore the wonders of astronomy, observe the night sky, and participate in educational programs: Griffith Observatory.
  6. Raymond M Alf Museum of Paleontology: Delve into the world of paleontology at the Raymond M Alf Museum. Discover ancient fossils, learn about prehistoric creatures, and engage in educational exhibits: Raymond M Alf Museum of Paleontology.
  7. Columbia Memorial Space Center: Explore space science and technology at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. Engage in hands-on experiences, learn about space exploration, and discover the wonders of the universe: Columbia Memorial Space Center.
  8. The Tech Interactive: Visit The Tech Interactive in Silicon Valley for an immersive science and technology experience. Engage in activities at the BioTinkering lab, explore genetics, earth sciences, alternative energy, virtual design, and more: The Tech Interactive.
  9. Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL): Discover the exciting world of space exploration at JPL. Call to find out about tours or visit their website for information about signing up for tours in August 2023: JPL Tours.
  10. Fleet Science Center: Experience hands-on science exhibits at the Fleet Science Center in San Diego. Interact with intriguing phenomena, touch a tornado, design images with a sand pendulum, and engage in interactive science experiences: Fleet Science Center.

These resources and programs offer fantastic opportunities for students to explore various scientific disciplines, engage in hands-on learning, and expand their knowledge in an exciting and interactive way.