Ignite your child's love for reading and learning with our comprehensive

Power Up Summer Reading Packet, 

carefully designed to provide a value-based educational experience that aligns with the Hebrew Academy's core values.



The Power Up Summer Reading Packet aims to:

  • Foster academic growth and enhance literacy skills while instilling important values.
  • Spark imagination, creativity, and critical thinking through engaging stories.

  • Strengthen the parent-child bond through shared reading experiences and meaningful discussions.

  • Support holistic development, including social-emotional skills and character building.


  • Engaging Books: Dive into a handpicked selection of captivating books that entertain, impart valuable lessons, and align with our school's values. These stories will transport your child to exciting worlds, spark curiosity, and nurture a lifelong love for reading.
  • Interactive Activities: Explore various interactive activities designed to complement each Power Up Summer Reading Packet book. From discussion starters to storytelling, drawing prompts, and more, these activities encourage active participation and deeper engagement with the stories.

  • Meaningful Discussions: Engage in dynamic conversations with your child as you explore each book's themes, characters, and lessons. Encourage their critical thinking, empathy, and communication skills as they reflect on the stories and apply the values learned to real-life situations.

  • Easy Accessibility: Our Power Up Summer Reading Packet is conveniently available as a downloadable PDF, allowing you to access and use it at your own pace. You can choose the best format for your family, whether you prefer printing it or viewing it digitally.

Join us on this exciting reading adventure as we empower your child to develop essential skills, embrace important values, and embark on a journey of discovery and growth. Let's make this summer a memorable and enriching experience for your family.

Download the Power Up Summer Reading Packet now, and prepare to power up your child's summer with the joy of reading and learning!