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"Upper School Corner"

Upper School Corner - Mrs. Raychel Lydon

Reading: Here, There, and Everywhere!

As a parent of a kindergartener, I cannot overstate the magic that is taking place in my home as my child learns to read. He pours over his sight-word lists and tries his hand at sounding out words he finds on signs and the back of cereal boxes. His first attempts at writing hang proudly on my refrigerator, illustrated in bright lines of crayon. He seems to know that one day he will be able to read by himself, that one day the world will open up to him, never to be the same. And I, I get to be a part of this beautiful process as I structure and support his daily practice and learning.

As a teacher, I try to keep alive the magic of reading in my older students. It has been years since they… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Mrs. McKenna Harkins

How Does Your Soil Measure Up?

Students in Earth Science are to look towards the ground as we move through the Earth Science curriculum. Before starting our Project Based Learning in our next unit, students are wrapping up the Earth Elements Unit by studying soil. Students have learned much about the soil beneath our feet, including the three most common particles (sand, silt, and clay), various properties of soil, and the horizons contained within soil.

In an effort to once again provide students with a hands-on learning experience to complement the content they are learning, middle schoolers in the seventh and eighth grade completed a lab experiment to observe how the different sized particles are distributed within a… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Coach Zoltan

The Middle School PE is learning the fundamentals of sports. Over the last two weeks we have been playing several sports. Basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and fun games such as capture the flag and dodge ball.

While the goals of playing sports is to develop the students skills as athletes, being active we also want  to educate the students what it means to show sportsmanship on the field. The students are learning what is means to win and lose as gentlemen and play there hardest.

The middle school has also begun a basketball program this school year and we are off to a great start. We have fifteen students apart of the program and every day the members of the program are improving  individual basketball skills  and… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Mrs. Raychel Lydon

As the first semester comes to a close, students in the middle school are working diligently to complete their first Project-Based Learning project of the year. In their role as game developers, student groups are competing to create content-rich games based on Ancient China in order to teach other students about this exciting time period in a fun and creative way. Games under development include “China to China,” an adaptation of the popular game “Apples to Apples” which focuses on the social, technological, economic and political structures of Ancient China, and “Dynasty Deals,” an adaptation of the game “Monopoly Deals” which focuses on four major dynasties of Ancient China, the Tang… Read More »

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