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"Upper School Corner"

Upper School Corner - Ms. Erica Wolfsen

Some of our High Schools students have shown an intense love of learning in art class this year. Students Sarah Isti, Leah Berkowitz, and Bassi Popack are going above and beyond the required coursework to create large canvas paintings with a personal message.

Sarah Isti completed a 24"x 30" portrait of Baba Sali, a Sefardic righteous Rabbi. Sarah grew up hearing about his many miracles and she hopes that her painting will encourage more people to learn about him. "He reminds me of my ancestry and the Jews of Morocco. I have a great respect for him and he inspires me."

Leah Berkowitz is half way through a portrait of her uncle, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, who suffers from ALS. She is working hard to complete the painting… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Mr. Clay Heller

As we've moved into the second semester, with the awesome board game projects done, the English classes of the Hebrew Academy have transitioned into working on some fundamentals. The students will be working extensively on their earthquake projects in math and science for the next eight weeks, which gives us a lot of time to focus on reading and writing instruction in English. So far, we've had the chance to read four short stories, including one by Mark Twain. The students have written letters to authors with constructive criticism, they've built job postings looking for athletic coaches, and they have researched careers in veterinary medicine. This is all intended to help them build real world skills and practices.

Here is a writing… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Caltech Lab Field Trip

Caltech Lab Field Trip

This week the middle school students went to the Seismological Laboratory on February 9th.  This was to kickoff the Science and Math PBL. Students had the opportunity to see a working lab and tour the CalTech campus.

Inside the Caltech Lab, students had the opportunity to hear from an expert in the field about how they measure and analyze earthquake data. Students monitored live-time seismic activity and were able to make their own “earthquake” and record their data using a digital seismometer. Even more, students were able to see the media room where Caltech and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) comment and respond to seismic activity during press conferences. Students witnessed how… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Judaic Update

In Navi, we are learning the Books of Kings. One of the kings that we are currently learning about is King Shlomo. King Shlomo began his rule in the Jewish year of 2924 from creation, at the age of thirteen, and ruled for 40 years. Shlomo’s father was the famous King Dovid. Dovid wanted to build the Beis Hamikdush, the Holy Temple, but was unable due to the wars fought under his rule. Although Dovid was not allowed to build the Beis Hamikdush, his son, King Shlomo, in  was privileged to be able to build the Beis Hamikdush.

In the fourth year of his ruling, Shlomo started to build the Beis Hamikdush.  He put a lot of time and wealth into building the Beis Hamikdush. For example, Shlomo coated the stones which were used to… Read More »

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