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"Upper School Corner"

Upper School Corner - Coach Zoltan

 Coach Jonathan Zoltan

Director of Physical Education 

The Hebrew Academy PE program is off to a great start this school year! The students are learning all kinds of sports such as, basketball, baseball, soccer, football and along with many more. As we play these sports throughout the school year, I as their coach, put a strong emphasis on teaching your students sportsmanship. This is an everyday lesson for the students at the Hebrew Academy. I want the kids to learn how to win well and lose graciously. At the end of class both teams will line up to give a high five to the opposing team and say “good game” to build the moral of the entire school. I hope this will message will carry with them for the rest of their… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Mr. Doug Nason

Mr. Doug Nason - Science Teacher 

 "Science is a window through which we view the world. It is not the only window, nor is it always the best window. But it is an important way to view our world."

These are the words I greeted our students with this year. I hope they didn't get too confused! My name is Doug Nason, and I've been teaching science at public and private schools throughout O.C., most notable at the Prentice School in North Tustin. I am so happy to be working here with Mrs. Harkins and the rest of the staff as we craft a meaningful and challenging year for our students. 

The middle school science classes have jumped right into our Life Science text as we explore the inter-connectedness of our… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Rabbi Mendy Naparstek

The Talmud!

We are now full swing into our Talmud classes and it is so rich with with life lessons and life skills! The kids are already able to identify the structure of the Mishne, know the "Who said it?", "What is the case?", "What is the law and why?". They can also navigate their way around a page of Talmud!

There are many thinking skills that the kids have in their bag after spending time learning Talmud, one o those skills that we just focused on is what does 'Inference' mean. This  exercise teaches them to analyze text and have independent thinking.

It is so nice too see all the kids so involved and enthusiastic about their learning!

May we all have a Kesiva Vachasima Tovah - Written and… Read More »

Upper School Corner - Mrs. Michelle Ginsburg

 Mrs. Ginsburg

Middle School English/Language Arts  teacher 

 My name is Michelle Ginsburg and I am the new Middle School English/Language Arts  teacher at the Hebrew Academy.  In our first week of school, We began to use Thinking Maps as a prewriting tool for expository, narrative and persuasive writing. This week, students brought in their outside reading books (ORB) along with a journal. Their dialectical journals will enable the students to create a conversation or dialogue with their novels.  By writing about literature, they will give meaning to the text and reflect thoughtfully on what they are reading.  This is done through quotes and references to the text along with specific and detailed… Read More »

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