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The Case for Games in the Classroom

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Not just the Hebrew Academy teachers believe play should be an integral part of the everyday curriculum found in schools. According to the Academy of Pediatrics, Drs should be giving out prescriptions for play because of the tremendous benefit in a child’s cognitive development and overall well-being.

As many educators follow this trend, technology experts have focused on educational apps and websites benefiting the educational space. While there may be tremendous benefits, the rise in technology use in education has many downsides. As developers and content creators rely on the dopamine effect and addictive nature to keep you on their platform longer, a simple research project can lead to many opportunities for distractions.… Read More »

Upcoming Masterclass: Emotion Regulation Skills

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Here at the Hebrew Academy, a private Jewish Day School in Orange County, we recognize that good learning begins with a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and students. Setting this foundation early in the year creates a learning environment that maximizes the experience for each kindergarten, middle school, or high school student and enables us to recognize and support what they need to succeed.

We also know that learning goes beyond the classroom curriculum, and helping children feel comfortable, safe, and happy to learn is where good learning can happen. As we get settled into an excellent new year, teachers are taking plenty of time to get to know students and ensure they are comfortable with the routines and… Read More »

Judaic Studies Enhances Learning Experiences

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In our new digitally social world we have only but two seconds to capture the minds and hearts of our audience as children younger and younger are becoming attached to devices. These new trends make it extremely difficult to connect and engage with students. Here at the Hebrew Academy, the Judaic program has a special way of entering the hearts of our students, connecting with them personally while empowering them to be lifelong learners.

Research has proven that technology has changed education negatively, deteriorating students' competencies in reading and writing, dehumanizing educational environments, distorting social interactions, and isolating individuals. Hebrew Academy continuously works hard to change those… Read More »

Digging In

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The High Holiday celebrations in the Jewish world are an incredibly hands-on experience. Even the tiniest active gesture pulls the holiday off the page and into our hands making it real tactile and dynamic. Slicing apples, cracking open pomegranates, finding tiny sticky hands asleep on the couch, clutching a Siddur heavy with emotion, or holding a tallit over a child’s head is all part of the Jewish New Year experience referred to as the High Holidays.

Coming through COVID, we have lost this essential element so vital to Jewish life and learning. In schools across the country, students have spent the past two-plus years being told to cover their faces and keep their distance. With the new school year upon us and the… Read More »

Giving Students a Chance - And The Space

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 right California sunlight sparkles through large windows on a campus in Huntington Beach where students have attended the Hebrew Academy for over 50 years. Throughout this time, the campus has been reinvented to meet the ever-changing needs of a new era in education. Technology, top-tier academics, critical thinking and creativity coincide to create innovative solutions to current and future challenges students themselves identify. The MakerSpace art room was designed for and by next-generation learners. It is open, spacious, and generously stocked with an array of enticing art supplies and intriguing materials for students to create, experiment, and collaborate with, as they realize the potential they have to create a new… Read More »

Top 4 things you can do to support school success

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Four things parents can do to support their child’s success in kindergarten and beyond:

Expose your child to a range of books and nurture language development.  Read aloud to your child and talk with them about the setting, characters, and events in the story. Look for opportunities in daily activities to build vocabulary. High-quality computer literacy games can support language development but do not take the place of child-focused discussion and conversation. This kind of language development will enable them to express themselves, describe their needs, and understand other children in the classroom and in the playground.  Communication skills are crucial to their success and promote confidence in… Read More »

Inspiring Joy one Lesson at a Time!


Do you remember the tickling Hey?

Thank you Rabbi Engel for sharing the tickling "Hey" lesson with our first-grade students.

The smiles, laughter, joy, and memories of Torah, Hebrew Reading, and Community make the Hebrew Academy Unique! and healthy years. May he continue to share smiles and joy for Judaism for many years.


The Joy in Creation


So much pride and joy when you work hard and have something your are proud of to show for it.


What amazing dioramas our second grade students created depicting many different mitzvos. Hard work pays off and success is sweet.


What an amazing year - thank you teachers for inspiring the children with your love, care and dedication.



Kindergarten Graduation


Mazel Tov to all our Kindergarten Graduates - may you continue to grow from strength to strength.


Special Thank You You our dynamic Kindergarten team of teachers Mrs. Kahn, Morah Devorah, Morah Elisheva, Morah Golda, Morah Shaina, Morah Sarah Chana, and Morah Efrat, that lead, inspire, and motivate with their tireless love and dedication!


Nachas to all!



Helping us GROW


Here at HACDS, we're constantly growing.


From the Judaic program, enrichment, science and more formative assessment provides valuable data on students' abilities, performance, and engagement that drive instruction, support, and motivation.


Thank you Morah Yiska Berkowitz for assessing every single lower school student in their Hebrew Reading (accuracy and fluency) and for the amazing Judaic Staff for providing the instruction and confidence to shine.



Science and Judaics


Values, Strong Academics and Purpose Driven Education come together at the Hebrew Academy on a daily basis.


Hebrew Academy teachers are always looking for innovative ways to add value to the rigorous academic program. Adding a science component to the authentic Judaic program creates an added dimension that helps fuse all the learning together inspiring curiosity that promotes future learning.



First Grade Siddur Party


 Mazel Tov to our first-grade students on your Siddur Party celebration. Our amazing first-grade teachers, Miriam Rapoport and Aidie Nap put on a remarkable program. What a joy to see all the learning and growth our students have made and to watch them be able to read from the siddur was absolutely priceless.
May you continue to grow from strength to strength - Nachas to all!


Recognizing Achievements


It is always amazing when we take the opportunity to recognize the achievements of the students that have worked hard, excelled and shown leadership qualities in how they interact with teachers and peers serving as a true inspiration to their classmates, community and themselves. It is moments like this that propel us all to work harder, strive higher and value the community we are fortunate to be a part of.

Nothing quite like the energy at the Hebrew Academy Rosh Chodesh Assebmbly. Happy Rosh Chodesh Sivan and congratulations to all our award recipients - may your families continue to have lots of nachas!


Music Program for Lower Elementary School


Here at the Hebrew Academy, we have developed a curriculum to inspire, creative and empathetic leaders through our value based academic program complete with an immersive musical education program.

Thank you Mr. A for helping our students learn to understand, enjoy and appreciate all different kinds of music.

From Country to Jazz end even Klezmer, you are always pointing out the rhythms, tempos, and musical technics that make each genre unique.

Ivrit program promotes love of Israel


An integral part of the Ivrit (Hebrew Language) Program at the Hebrew Academy is the appreciation and love for the the Land of Israel.

Our students composed letters for the IDF showing our support, love and appreciation for their sacrifice to defend and protect the Holy Land. We pray for your safety!

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