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2nd Grade General Studies

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We are really off to a wonderful start. The kiddos are SO HAPPY to be back in school this year and I am loving teaching them face to face.

In 2nd grade we are hard at work not only doing a lot of paper and pencil work, but learning all our fun new, interactive, and educational technologies and apps which are really enhancing our learning. At only 7 and 8 years old we have learned how to play our math curriculum games online, how to find, and read, our hardcover anthology online, navigate our extra supplemental curriculum like Epic books and Scholastic News, and we are even taking our tests online! These kids are going to be way more tech savvy than their teacher pretty soon!

While we are doing a lot of practice with our… Read More »

Unity in a Socially Distant World


We are now in the midst of celebrating the holiday of Sukkot and our students have been given a deep and joyful insight into the meaning behind the holiday. 

Two Mitzvot are associated with the holiday. One Mitzvah is the building of the Sukkah hut on the outside and the other is the Etrog and Lulav set. Both Mitzvot take on a special meaning in our new socially distanced societal norm. Both Mitzvot represent social unification of all segments of the Jewish community in general and our own families in particular. The Sukkah is the only Mitzvah whereby many people celebrating together through food (what else is there to bring us together) are completely enveloped together in honor of the chag. Similarly it is with the… Read More »

A Peek into our Fifth Grade Judaic Studies Classroom


We are so excited to be back in school! Seeing the kids' smiles, their joy to be in school and spending time with their friends is truly amazing!

Fifth grade is the time when the kids are learning independence in their thinking, processing and writing. They write their own weekly Dvar Torahs based on the weekly Torah portion, and internalize personal messages about how to apply these teachings to their daily life.

Chumash is our foundation. When we learn about our forefathers; their character, qualities and even sacrifices, it always becomes so meaningful when we internalize these lessons and values. What should someone do in a time of despair? Why do we all feel so connected to the land of Israel? During our Chumash class these… Read More »

We are back on Campus!

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The Hebrew Academy did not manage to land on the moon or discover a new continent. What we did manage is to bring society's most valuable and vulnerable assets - the children - back to school for serious  learning at the earliest time possible. This is a feat no less significant than the greatest accomplishments - for each and every one of our precious children and their families. It is exhilarating and heartwarming to witness the smiles of our children (behind the masks) as I cruise through the campus. They are so happy to be able to interact with each other and be involved in productive learning throughout the day . As challenging as it may be under the present circumstances, our staff has been successful in… Read More »

The Hebrew Academy's Return to Campus Guidelines page


The Hebrew Academy's Return to Campus Guidelines page has been meticulously prepared for the Hebrew Academy community's safe return to campus.

Our Task Force has reviewed every mandatory precaution into consideration and incorporated state, county and local health department guidance. The page is designed to allow flexibility, understanding that circumstances will continue to change not only globally, but also in classrooms and in households.

We remain confident that the guidelines prepared for our community’s safe return to campus will still be viable when the situation allows. As new information is learned and as circumstances change, so too will these guidelines be revisited and revised.

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A Midsummer Greeting

Please click below for a message from our Head of School and Principal with special greetings from on site staff. 

Midsummer Greetings!

A Parent’s Guide to Distance Learning

A Parent’s Guide to Distance Learning - Being prepared makes all the difference. - Dr. Bryn Harari

Distance learning can be challenging. Prepared parents can help students to achieve the best outcomes.

First, work with your child to create a daily schedule. Involving children in the decision-making process gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.  Help them to balance physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual wellness.

All students should have at least 30 minutes a day of rigorous exercise, and children younger than 10 should have 60 minutes a day of active activity. Plan on hourly exercise breaks of 5 to 7 minutes.

Incorporate emotional and mental exercise by talking about feelings, telling… Read More »

Going Beyond “How Was Your Day?”

Going Beyond “How Was Your Day?”

Do’s and Don’ts for sparking real conversations about the school day


Compiled from: Nermeen Dashoush, PhD, Chief Curriculum Officer, Marco Polo World School


If you ask your preschooler or kindergartner what happened in school today, you’re often likely to get one of these popular non-answers: “Nothing” or “I don’t know."  It’s a broad question and likely your child doesn’t know where to begin explaining what happened in their busy day! 


Below are some Do's and Don'ts for engaging your child in more substantive conversations about their day:


Do: Share events from your own day

This is a… Read More »

Is Your Toddler Ready for Preschool?

Sending your child to preschool for the first time will be nerve wracking, not only for the parent/caregiver, but also for the child. Below are a few reminders that will help their day, and yours, go more smoothly!

Help your child understand what a day at preschool may be like for them. There will be table top activities that help their fine motor skills like writing. Have them color or play with markers and paper to draw shapes or “write” their name. 

There will also be circle time, story time, and share time - which will be group activities led by the teacher. You can talk about listening and sharing skills. 

If potty learning has started at home, let your child know that there will be potties just for them in… Read More »

First Day of School Tips!

The first day for the new school year at The Hebrew Academy is quickly approaching!  The classroom doors will open on August 28th to all our new and returning students. Our teachers are planning their curriculum and getting their classrooms ready and our staff is preparing for an exciting new school year. We have prepared a list of tips to help you, as parents and caregivers, get your child and children as ready as possible. Nothing will soothe all the nerves for the first day, but we want to help our students be as ready as possible. 

  1. Point out the positive aspects of starting school: It will be fun! Your child will see friends from last year that they may not have seen all summer! Involve your child in shopping… Read More »

Our Response to the Poway Incident


Dear Hebrew Academy Family, 

We are pained and heartbroken by the tragic shooting that took place yesterday the last day of Pesach, during Yizkor services at Chabad of Poway, California. We grieve for the family of Lori Gilbert-Kaye who lost her life and pray for the recovery of Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein, Noya Dahan and Almog Peretz  who were injured. This hate filled incident is an attack on the entire Jewish community and all civilized people. 

We thank all of those who communicated with us about the incident to express their support and concern. We are grateful for the support of law enforcement both in the Poway area and locally. Our school security director works… Read More »

Hebrew Language Library Opening on Campus - Open to Public!


We are very excited to announce the opening of the very first all Hebrew Library in Orange County. Located inside the Hebrew Academy school library, community members will have the opportunity to check out books written exclusively in Hebrew.


We invite you to attend the grand opening on May 5, 2019 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on our campus.  This even is for ages 8 and under.


There will be a story time in both English and Hebrew, arts and crafts, bounce house, and snacks.


You can purchase tickets here for $7 per person.


Library books include authors for children such as Rinta Hoffer, Nira Harel, J.K Rowling, Ram Oren, Frankel Alona, Leah Goldberg, Levin Kipnis, Miriam Ruth, Maya Hanoh, and Paul… Read More »

Transitioning to Middle School


At the Hebrew Academy, we offer a special program to help our fifth grade students transition successfully to Middle School.  Middle School is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Helping our students transition smoothly and easily ensures their academic, as well as their social and emotional success!

Once a week our fifth graders are taught by one of our Middle School teachers. Special classes in science, math, English, and history are designed to model and teach those organizational and executive functioning skills that are key to success in Middle School. Topics include goal setting, time management, personal responsibility, and… Read More »

Inspiring the mind, Nurturing the heart, changing the world

 The Hebrew Academy of Orange County celebrated students community service projects at the annual Mitzvah Night on November 27th at the Alevy Campus. The celebration highlighted the impressive and diverse community projects the students worked on and completed.

Each grade was involved with a different project to help out communal organizations locally and globally. The projects were presented by students with the representatives of the organizations in attendance. Some of the organizations highlighted were Bubbe and Zayde’s Place, Support Our Troops, Simchat Shabbat OC, Friendship Circle, Fill the Food Pantry for LBCC, 2nd Smiles for Seniors, and others.

“Our goal was for our entire community to celebrate; students… Read More »

Why Bilingual?

Why Bilingual?

Learning Modern Hebrew is one of the main goals at The Hebrew Academy. We understand the benefits of learning and thinking in more than one language and bring these to our students through dual language instruction. We make learning Hebrew seamless within their Judaic and General Education studies. 

Learning a second language has many benefits, but becoming bilingual in a language has even more. Research has shown numerous positive effects being bilingual has on the brain and the how it improves ones cognitive ability. This includes better attention span and a better ability to multitask. Bilingual individuals stay on task more and have a larger understanding of sentence structure and linguistics. 

Speaking… Read More »

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