Life at HA

Next Generation Classroom

Our dedicated teachers engage all students in Next Generation learning that prepares them for college, careers and citizenship. Inside Hebrew Academy’s leading-edge classrooms and labs, students are given opportunities to collaborate as they share ideas, build confidence and develop important listening skills. As early as Kindergarten our students are given opportunities to support collaboration skills like speaking and listening to develop confidence and important life skills like teamwork.

Our Chemistry Lab at Work

Always unbelievable when goals are set and accomplishments are met the success! Thank you Dr. Marin for setting the bar high for your students and your guidance and support in helping them reach the GOALS! As students work in small groups, they observe carefully and collaborate as teams to question and understand the different elements at work. The analytic discussions gives opportunities for real thinking. Our Chemistry students are engaged and motivated to learn and understand what they are learning and doing.

Setting a Foundation of Excellence

Setting a foundation of excellence inside and outside the classroom. Even our PE program incorporates small milestones to inspire success and confidence in all learners. The Hebrew Academy's PE program endeavors to create opportunities for all students to feel good on the field. Supporting teamwork, respect, compassion and hard work, HA coaches support all students at their skill level. Always special to hear students cheering and supporting each other as they master skills step by step and later see them all play out on the field.

A Big Win for All!

Thank you to our dynamic and creative teachers for always incorporating fun ways to increase understanding, motivation and engagement. Games increase engagement and retention. Our 6th grade middle school had so much fun playing the game of battleship. Creating and using the battleship grid supported their understanding of their math lesson in graphing and ordered pairs as well as their science lessons of latitude and longitude. A big win for all!

HA is making it REAL #3

Did you ever think about how many times you say the word no to your child? Did you ever think about how the word no may make them feel? This video makes you want to reflect on why, when and how often to say the word NO. The Hebrew Academy is making it R.E.A.L.! We are so grateful to Hilary Buff, HA Alumna, and Children, Adolescent and Parenting Specialist for partnering with us to bring you this series Making it R.E.A.L - Realizing Exceptional Achievement in Learning. Hilary has been a long time member of the Hebrew Academy family and community. Anyone that meets Hilary, appreciates her invaluable insight, tips and advice in raising strong and resilient children with the confidence to succeed. For over 20 years, Hilary Buff has… Read More »

Not Your Typical Parsha Class

Parsha class, at The Hebrew Academy, is an opportunity for students to learn, discover and understand. as they personalize the weekly lessons of the Torah. In Parshas Lech Lecha, Hashem tested Avraham, by telling him to leave his homeland - the place he knew, and go to the land that He would show him. Without knowing where he was going Avraham trusted and followed Hashem. Our Kindergarten students opened this conversation by first experiencing what Avraham did. By embarking on a surprise path, through our kindergarten center, in a safe fun way the students were able to better appreciate the experience. Teachers lovingly guided the children through the fun path that led to deep conversations in the classroom. What better way to… Read More »

Every Student Thrives!

The Hebrew Academy's small classes create meaningful opportunities for learning across all grade levels. So grateful to our teachers for creating in class opportunities for small group instruction that allows them to personalize learning, give meaningful feedback and ensure that every student THRIVES!

Ancient Texts Drive Success

The Hebrew Academy's Judaic program amplifies understanding of foundational skills that supports success across all classes. Learning to decode the Hebrew text of the Chumash, our students develop a deeper words sense, uncovering rich layers of meaning and understanding they are empowered to make connections between ideas and concepts developing important critical thinking skills.

Color Theory

The Hebrew Academy students explore the art and science of using color. Thank you art teacher, Mrs. Van Kyke, for inspiring and motivating students while supporting creativity and thinking one lesson at a time.

Our art classes for the 2021-22 school year begins with color theory, learning the foundational elements of color first. It is always amazing when we have an opportunity to reflect and review what we have learned and how far we have come as we learn foundational skills and techniques as we develop our own personal style and preference. In art class you're always a winner!

Hebrew Academy knows how to Celebrate

Kindergarten Presentation_1.JPG 

The Hebrew Academy celebrates Rosh Chodesh making time to recognize our achievements as we inspire a better tomorrow. We begin each assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance, acknowledging our gift of living in America as we celebrate our Jewish Identity. Monthly awards are passed to students as we make time to acknowledge effort, citizenship and successes (big and small)! Community spirit and positive energy is seen, felt and heard as we cheer for our friends, celebrate our Jewish identity and join together in song. Happy Rosh Chodesh - make it a great month!


First Graders Write to Learn!

First Graders Write to Learn: Journal writing prompts more reflection and encourages students to take charge of their learning and feelings. Using Dictionaries the students are encouraged you use new and creative words while encouraging proper spelling and penmanship. Finger spacing is used to support proper sentence structure and readability. The children love this time to write their own thoughts and feelings with the simple sentence starters provided by the teacher. 

Circle Time in Middle School

 Circle Time in Middle School.jpg

Our weekly Upper School Circle Time empowers students to share, speak, and listen. The Hebrew Academy advisory class supports students in developing Next Generation Skills. By ensuring that valuable life skills are part of The Hebrew Academy curriculum, we are opening as many doors to opportunity as possible. 

Recess is more than just playing with friends!

Recess is more than just playing with friends - It’s also the time of day when a great deal of social and emotional learning takes place. 

Modeling games is a great way for children to learn new things. When they watch us having fun they learn to play too. An important skill that is easily overlooked is helping children learn to ask to join a game. Supporting them in a safe environment to advocate for themselves empowers them to be strong resourceful leaders as they grow. 

Curiosity Inspires Learning

Next Generation Learning.jpg

Using testable questions is fundamental to science, and HA students excel at this critical thinking practice. High School students D.H. and C.P explore and discuss changes of state and the possible effects of salt on the speed of ice melting from solid to liquid. Opportunities like these engage, empower and inspire!

Smiles for Seniors- Sharing the Gift of Wisdom with Youngsters

 Rabbi Popack - Grandparents.jpg

Thank You Rabbi Avremi Popack for your gift to the Hebrew Academy Community! We are blessed to have you part of our amazing team of administrators that create purpose, value and meaning for our children! 

Check out this article printed in OC Jewish Life and learn why Rabbi Popack is committed to imparting the value and gift that grandparents and seniors play in the lives of our children. Truly a gift that keeps on giving. 

FULL PDF of Article 

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