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The Value of the Hebrew Academy Dual Curriculum

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The Hebrew Academy's dual curriculum creates meaningful opportunities for learning to take place.


The Hebrew Academy's Judaic curriculum specifically targets high-order thinking skills that create a rich and meaningful learning experience that extends students learning. Critical thinking, evaluation, and analysis are built into our program and begin as early as Preschool.


We're on the Cutting Edge

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READY! STEADY! CUT! The Hebrew Academy's dual curriculum creates meaningful opportunities to work on important skills.


When students see purpose in their learning they are excited to engage and through meaningful experiences develop important skills.


Our Kindergarten students are experts at creating their Alef Bet puppets to reinforce the Hebrew Letter recognition and sound. They feel empowered to work independently and developing many important fine motor skills in the process.



Data Analysis in Middle School


Our Middle School Students are fully engaged in their PBL project - Living in Harmony with Nature. This week they are working at comparing, analyzing the damages caused from natural catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.


It is remarkable to see how they are incorporating their knowledge of excel, chart creations and even website building, to showcase all their findings.


Stay tuned for updates on this exciting opportunity - we look forward to understanding how we can all be better prepared for when disasters strike






Have you ever seen this much excitement for learning?


Hebrew Academy students are pumped and excited to embark on our iREADY challenge. Every lesson we do brings us closer to our goal and helps us get better every day! This enthusiasm for learning is priceless!


The Hebrew Academy has incorporated the iReady online program for reading and mathematics because it helps our teachers determine every student’s individual needs, personalize their learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year.





History is Alive


History came alive yesterday, when our 4th Graders got to enjoy their "Walk Through California" experience.


This annual tradition at our school helps solidify the learning in this fun and interactive program that incorporates games, music, storytelling, lots of smiles and many laughs.


The students all walked away as "EXPERTS" of the major events that shaped our great state of California and they loved presenting the facts they knew to the group.


The best part was constructing the giant map of California, marking the many landmarks we know and look forward to visiting.



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Hands on Learning


The Hebrew Academy builds a solid foundation for life-long learning by creating opportunities for students to explore and reflect the curriculum. Debbi is using a balance beam to gain a richer understanding of inequalities setting a strong foundation for algebraic thinking.




National Data trends point to HACDS as the school of Choice!

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Hebrew Academy Education is a GRAND S.L.A.M.!

Even the national data trends point to Hebrew Academy as the school of choice. Check out this article printed in the Jewish Long Beach Chronicle by our very own admissions director Karen Berger - thank your for your commitment, care and dedication you bring to your role.

he Hebrew Academy welcomes families from across the Jewish spectrum to share in an exceptional learning experience that honors our Jewish roots, nurtures our students’ unique talents, celebrates our community’s accomplishments, and kindles the fire within every child to dream boldly, live compassionately, achieve confidently, and shape a better world.

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Welcome Back - Rosh Chodesh

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No better way to come back from winter break than by celebrating our past achievements, getting us all pumped and ready to jump right into learning and growing!


Happy Rosh Chodesh Shevat!

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HACDS Values Don't Vacation

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We are proud that learning and internalizing Jewish values are integral parts of the outstanding Hebrew Academy educational program, and look for opportunities to recognize students who embody these character traits - winter break is no different!


How it works: Every morning, (beginning Dec 27,) at 7:00 a.m., a new daily challenge will be posted on the Hebrew Academy social media pages (facebook and Instagram). Let's fill the world with goodness, kindness and values - tag your friends to be a part of the challenge too!


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The Hebrew Academy is grateful to the support from the Orange County Business community - thanks for your commitment to values in education - a true give that keeps on giving!

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Hebrew Academy is Family


At the Hebrew Academy families and students create friendships that last a lifetime.


At the Hebrew Academy you are connected, supported, and part of our extended family.  



Learning is Fun!


Reviewing for tests are engaging and fun.

Middle School history teacher, Mr. Constantino focuses on improving learning outcomes by boosting engagement, participation, and motivation through engaging lessons and competitive, game-based learning experiences. It is amazing to walk into a classroom that is alive with engaged learners that are eager and excited to learn and share how much they know

Hands on Ivrit


The Hebrew Academy's hands-on Ivrit program is designed to develop Hebrew language skills in reading, writing, spelling, and speaking Modern Hebrew.


An important part of the program is exposing our students to Israeli literature, music, and culture strengthening their connection to the State of Israel.


Web Design in English Class

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Empowering our High School students to thinking critically about their growth as a writer, they created personal online websites of carefully selected essays from as far back as third grade (when google drive become an integral part of the educational program at the Hebrew Academy.)

Portfolios is one of the ways for our high school students to see and share their learning growth over time. Many laughs were shared as we went down memory lane, amazed at how far we've all come and the progress we've made. From old poems, Haiku's, persuasive essay and even Judaic projects, it is always nice to see how we grow as a scholar, writer and thinker.

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Out of the World - Social Studies

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We’re nurturing the next-generation of Jewish scholars, leaders, with our rigorous academic programs built on the 50-year history of our Blue Ribbon school.

Our warm and welcoming learning environments spark our students’ curiosity and wonder while engaging all learners. Through hands on activities, meaningful lessons that incorporate movement and fun, keeps our students engaged and excited to discover as they learn.

Vision becomes Reality


The Hebrew Academy is always looking for innovative ways to engage and excite students. The Hebrew Academy's exceptional learning experience, motivates all learners while inspiring limitless possibilities.

New for 2021-22 is the Hebrew Academy MakerSpace, creating hands on experiences that encourage students to create, innovate, learn through choice, experiment and play. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on our PBL project "Living in Harmony with Nature"


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