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Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Cheryl Johnson

From the Desk of Mrs. Johnson

4th Grade General Studies

Can you solve these math problems?

1.   Sarah is planning a surprise birthday party for her brother.  She is inviting 36 people besides her brother and herself.  Six people can sit at each table.  How many tables will Sarah need for the party?

2.  Isaac, Yakov and Daniel are brothers.  Isaac is 8.  Yakov is twice as old as Isaac.  Daniel is 4 years younger than Yakov.  How much older is Daniel than Isaac?

3.  Estie bought 24 treats to feed her dog.  She wants to give her dog two treats a day.  She says that after 10 days, she’ll still have 4 treats left.  Is she correct?

These problems are typical… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Colleen Markowitz

From the Desk of Mrs. Markowitz & Mrs. Choi

3rd Grade General Studies

Even at a young age, our 3rd grade students are learning the importance of how to properly research information. Through the use of technology that is readily available in our classroom, the students have been using iPads and computers to learn and extract key information about our presidents, in honor of Presidents' Day. 

Each 3rd grader was assigned a president to conduct their research. Through links provided by the teacher, students have visited reputable and credible websites to extract the necessary information in order to learn more about their special president.

Once the research is complete, students are encouraged to create a poster board in o… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Jenna Sagan

 Mrs. Jenna Sagan - 2nd Grade Teacher

Reading is a vital part of our second grade curriculum. Second graders work with the Pearson Reading Street curriculum, as well as a variety of culturally relevant literature to develop reading skills. They ask questions, draw conclusions, and discuss short, weekly and bi-weekly reading selections. One of our favorite reading activities is “partner reading.” This learning strategy pairs two to three students together to work on an assigned text.

First, the students and I examine and explore the text of the week. We read and discuss key portions of the text, and I model a specific reading strategy or skill that I want the students to practice during partner reading time. We work as a … Read More »

Life Skills with Dr. Hilary

What a wonderful opportunity I have with the lower school students each Wednesday. Along with Meredith Frejio, our JFFS Intern, I have been able to explore some important life skills with the students.

As we visit each and every classroom, we are able to tailor the subject to be age appropriate. The teachers have been wonderful with incorporating these lessons into their daily lesson plans as well.

I would like to begin offering the parents through the newsletter an opportunity to read/learn about these skills as well. That way, if your child utilizes one of these concepts at home, you can receive and support your child’s efforts.  I personally, use each and every skill in my daily life to make sure that these are doable and ef… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Lauren Wolder

​Why our Hebrew Academy Students Consistently Read at Least Two Grade Levels Higher?

Mrs. Lauren Wolder - 1st Grade Teacher

Our Pearson Language Arts Program, which is used daily to teach English in First Grade, continues to be a wonderful source of a wide array of resources and activities. Using my instructional expertise and Knowledge of your children's learning styles, I am able to create a learning environment that truly raises the students' language arts skills and confidents to a high level. 

Each unit is divided into 5 or 6 different stories that link beautifully with our Science and Social Studies topics and our Project Based Learning unit. For each individual story, the program not only has readers, big books… Read More »

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