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Elementary Experiences-Mrs. Jennifer Bentley

 From the Desk of Mrs. Bentley

In Kindergarten we have been learning about life cycles and observing some of Hashem’s creatures. At our Science Station we have a gel ant farm so the students can observe these magnificent creatures as they dig their tunnels and work together as a community. They really are amazing to watch! We also had ladybug larvae. The students were able to watch the ladybugs go through the stages from the larva, to the pupa, and then the adult. Within 10 days the ladybug larvae attached themselves inside the walls of the dome and began the “pupal” stage of their lives. Then, a week later, the adult ladybugs emerged. We noticed that they were pale at first and did not have their spots. I takes ab… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Cheryl Johnson

From the Desk of Cheryl Johnson

4th Grade General Studies

Trip to Sacramento

Last week, the 4th-graders spent three days in Sacramento and the Gold Country.  The trip was the capstone of our yearlong study of our state.  During the first trimester, we focused on the geographical features of California.  In the second trimester, we studied the Native American tribes who lived in California before European and Latin American settlers arrived.  Finally, during the third trimester, we learned about the Gold Rush and its impact on our state.  Going to Sacramento allowed the kids to actually see and experience some of the things they studied during the year.

On our first day, we toured a Central Valley farm and the ki… Read More »

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