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Lessons that just POP!

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There is so much learning and growing happening in our third grade Judaic classroom. Taking advantage of our natural curiosity to learn new things, the children have been engaged in many exploratory learning opportunities.  Using Parsha webquests, the students use the internet to investigate new material by answering some basic guided questions. Applying their existing background knowledge of the stories in the Torah, they are given opportunities to gain a deeper knowledge of the specific Torah Portions. As they process the information they are collecting they are enthusiastically making personal connections and discovering the Torah values and personal life lessons. Taking the time to write a summary that… Read More »

Learning Aleph Beis is a full sensory experience!

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Kindergarten is the year we lay the foundation for Hebrew reading. This week was a very exciting week for Kindergarten:  We introduced Aleph Beis reading books! Each student received a brand new shiny reading book. We sit in small groups and each student gets a turn to read and follow along as other students read. When our little Kindergarteners complete a page their entire body shines with pride, Go Kindergarten super readers!

While familiarizing ourselves with the Aleph Beis letters we enjoy a full sensory experience, one that will speak to every student's individual way of learning. Some of our  favorites are Aleph Beis Mystery Bags, Mrs. Aleph’s Bayit Puppet stories, Aleph Beis songs, JiTap (interactive computer… Read More »

Rock What Ya Got!

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A new year full of new ways to teach art! I hope to turn the students into storytellers with Visual Art Journaling. I love the journal idea because it helps students explore the social and emotional learning aspects of art. 

In Lower School we are reading stories and drawing our own stories inside our art journals. I think “Rock What Ya Got” was my favorite book so far, and also my motto this year :) We just have to rock it!

We are always looking at the principles of design and the elements of art: lines, shapes, pattern, proportions, balance etc.  I hope the day will soon come soon when we will be able to be messy and paint together again.

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In Upper… Read More »

Veterans Day


Our students were awed and inspired by former HA student and Army Sergeant Major, Sam Yudin, who came back to school to share his experiences and many words of wisdom and inspiration for our students on Veterans Day this week.


Our Second Grade Students put forth a very special effort honoring our Veterans. Click this LINK to see their beautiful work. 

29th Annual Hebrew Academy Golf Tournament - A Hole in One!


As we look back fondly on the 29th Hebrew Academy Annual Golf Tournament, we wanted to express our gratitude to our incredible community and share the success. We launched this year’s tournament under extraordinary circumstances, amid restrictions put in place due to the pandemic. In the face of these challenges, our team and supporters moved quickly and nimbly to adapt to the situation.

Even with social-distancing guidelines, we were able to offer a range of unique and exciting sponsorship opportunities and offer our participants customized golf packages to play the stunning Trump National Golf Course at their convenience.

Our supporters and donors rose to the occasion as well. Over the course of eight weeks, we… Read More »

A Synchronous Education Program Goes Live

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After an unprecedented and successful transition to distance learning last March, the Hebrew Academy of Orange County swiftly transformed and re-imagined itself again to re-open its doors in September. Watching the children engaged in learning daily, happy for the opportunities to connect safely with their teachers and peers, while being a part of a warm and nurturing community is definitely newsworthy.

Check out the article in the JCC Chronicle, where our  principal, Dr. Harari, shares a small glimpse of what the Hebrew Academy has done to effectively support all our students  during these challenging times.

Link to… Read More »

“Now I have to be the role model for my children”

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Amazing article about our school’s admissions director, Nelli Greenspan. Nelli’s personal narrative, where she discusses the importance of modeling our values for our children, thus ensuring its continuity. Her advice on maintaining our identity and the importance of becoming part of an active Jewish Community is invaluable. 


This is a must read for every Jew living in America.


We are fortunate to have Nelli part of the warm Hebrew Academy Community we call family!


Click Here for LINK 



Making Connection in 3rd Grade


 3rd grade Making Connections!.png

Welcome to third grade!

The new school year is filled with fun and excitement. We have already learned so much in the last 2 months, but there is much more to come. 

We have been learning various reading skills and strategies to help with reading comprehension. We learned about characters/setting, visualization, sequencing, and main ideas/details, to name a few. Last week, we focused our reading skill/strategy on “making connections.” This strategy encourages students to stop and connect with what is happening in the story. 

Students learned that there are 3 ways to make a connection: 1) text-to-self, 2) text -to-text, 3) text-to-world. When students make connections between a book and their own… Read More »

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