Making it R.E.A.L.

If you believe you can you will!

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Today your child is a learner, but tomorrow they are a citizen, voter, and game changer.

In Jewish tradition, education, at its highest form, is an opportunity to engage with and celebrate your identity with the confidence to be an individual and leader.

Exceptional learning starts early at The Hebrew Academy. Discover how we help young scholars develop the academic, emotional and social skills with the confidence they need to become lifelong learners and future leaders.


Hebrew Academy Menorahs Light Up OC


Thanks to the creativity of our lower school Judaic staff, every child went home with their own unique Chanukah Menorah. From the fire truck menorah in Kindergarten, to the Chanukah Gelt Menorah in second grade, so much learning, skills and values were associated with these creations. 

Feast on these Thanksgiving Crafts


Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and fun and when we come together to reflect on what we are thankful for. These Hebrew Academy students are well prepared with special Thanksgiving decorations to brighten your table as they brighten our halls each day!

We can count!


By using Number Boards our kindergarten students worked together to count the pumpkin seeds - all 516! Our Kindergarten students had a clear idea of what needed to be done and a sense of accomplishment once it was completed. Nothing is overwhelming when we break it down and work together.


21st Century Learners - Creativity


The Hebrew Academy understands the value of going beyond the curriculum and creating opportunities for 21st century skill development promoting successful learning in the classroom and beyond. By creating opportunities for students creativity, The Hebrew Academy presents opportunities for them to see new opportunities, to produce original ideas, to flexibly adapt to changing situations, and to apply one’s imagination to solve complex problems ensuring that our students can thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops. 

Multi Sensory Education


The Hebrew Academy teachers understand that not all students are created equal. Children meet academic milestones at different paces, incorporating multi sensory learning experiences supports engagement for more learning styles. When activities engages multiple areas of the brain, it can help students develop stronger memories around how to do it. Join us at one of our Discovery Week events and find out how The Hebrew Academy's education can benefit your child.


Purpose Driven Education


Purpose Driven Education taps into the intrinsic motivation inherent in children. When they connect with the purpose they are motivated to perform. Watch as our first grade students listen to the instructions for making their menorah in celebration of Chanukah. Wow - what listening skills! 

Geometry in Kindergarten?


When it comes to learning about shapes there is so much more than just being able to identify them. The study of shapes provides a foundation for more advanced geometry concepts like, symmetry and spatial reasoning that will be explored and learned in the later years. The Hebrew Academy teachers understand the importance of setting a strong foundation.



Hebrew Academy's Enrichment program is an opportunity for HA students to choose what they love and work at it.

The confidence, motivation and feeling of success goes way beyond the field, contributing to their overall well-being, while empowering them to do anything they set their mind to.

Magic in Kindegarten


Our literacy-rich Kindergarten classroom is full of print words, words walls, books and reading materials that not only supports academic growth but also creates opportunities for speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is always amazing to watch as the students begin to identify and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) into spoken words as they begin their journey of the love of reading and the written word.

Geometry Twist


No one has ever laughed so hard while learning math. Our High School Geometry class played "Angle Twister" using the same principles as Twister but with special angle pairs. Thanks to the creativity of our teachers students are motivated to pay attention and stay focused.

Making it REAL - Homework

Dr. Hilary shares how homework, when done correctly, can be an important opportunity for parents to gain insight into the school experiences. Empowering your child to reach out to their teacher for support, when needed, fosters independence, and creative problem-solving - so important for success.

Happy Friday

We love Fridays at the Hebrew Academy! The energy and spirit is electric as we come together as a community to celebrate who we are, promoting pride and good feelings all around!

Keep Your Head Up!


Hebrew Academy students turn energy into creativity in our weekly enrichment classes. Hip Hop's freedom of self-expression promotes self esteem and creates the perfect opportunity for students to socialize with kids that share the same interests forming friendships beyond the classroom walls.

What enrichment class would your child choose? Soccer, Art, Dance, Swimming, Basketball, Coding, Ballet, Music, Journalism and of course Hip Hop. Thank you to all our teachers and staff that have made the Hebrew Academy Enrichment program so successful.



Eating Healthy is Easier with Friends


We all know the importance of staying healthy.

The Hebrew Academy has made "promoting healthy eating habits" a priority. Our daily fruit cart is always full of seasonal fruit for the children to grab when an extra snack is needed. Who knew eating healthy could be so much fun!


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