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A Midsummer Greeting

Please click below for a message from our Head of School and Principal with special greetings from on site staff. 

Midsummer Greetings!

A Parent’s Guide to Distance Learning

A Parent’s Guide to Distance Learning - Being prepared makes all the difference. - Dr. Bryn Harari

Distance learning can be challenging. Prepared parents can help students to achieve the best outcomes.

First, work with your child to create a daily schedule. Involving children in the decision-making process gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.  Help them to balance physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual wellness.

All students should have at least 30 minutes a day of rigorous exercise, and children younger than 10 should have 60 minutes a day of active activity. Plan on hourly exercise breaks of 5 to 7 minutes.

Incorporate emotional and mental exercise by talking about feelings, telling… Read More »

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