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Learning Comes to LIFE!


Learning Comes to LIFE!

This week, our fourth graders traveled back in time to the very beginning of California’s history. The annual assembly, Walk Through California, guides students through the history and geography of the Golden State. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to offer the experience live and in person. 

Students spent the days leading up to the event becoming experts on key features and locations in our state. We began by becoming experts on certain terms like glacier, El Camino Real, and presidio. Every student memorized their terms and researched facts related to their terms. Did you know that there are 58 counties in California or that the lowest elevation in California is found in the Badwate… Read More »

The Hebrew Academy is Making Waves!


This month has been an exciting one in the X-S.T.R.E.A.M Lab for our Middle School scientists as we investigate the physics of sound. We began our first week with distance learning, which gave us an opportunity to do some research and gain background knowledge on our topic. We learned that sound is vibration that travels in waves, and that the speed at which it travels is variable depending on what it is traveling through. This led to the discovery that because sound needs matter to transmit the vibrations, there is no sound in outer space!

Upon returning to campus, we conducted outdoor experiments to compare the speed of sound with the speed of light, as well as to observe the Doppler effect. We investigated the science behind musica… Read More »

Unmasking Great Learning!

Unmasking Great Learning.jpg 

Over the past few weeks, 2nd grade has adapted to all kinds of learning situations!

During Chanukah, we had a good week of quarantine at home learning, followed by, before the break, Friday to Wednesday mornings of "at home" Judaic Studies, where almost all our students joined!

Now, after winter break, we find ourselves in a situation of some 2nd graders in the classroom and some at home quarantining and on line, distance learning! We even have our Ivrit teacher, Morah Shir broadcasting from her home. Thank GD for today's technology!

Through all of this, our 2nd Graders have been troopers! In all situations they have come masked and on time, cheerful and ready to learn!

We are so proud of our 2nd Graders! They are eage… Read More »

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