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Hebrew Academy is Family


At the Hebrew Academy families and students create friendships that last a lifetime.


At the Hebrew Academy you are connected, supported, and part of our extended family.  



Learning is Fun!


Reviewing for tests are engaging and fun.

Middle School history teacher, Mr. Constantino focuses on improving learning outcomes by boosting engagement, participation, and motivation through engaging lessons and competitive, game-based learning experiences. It is amazing to walk into a classroom that is alive with engaged learners that are eager and excited to learn and share how much they know

Hands on Ivrit


The Hebrew Academy's hands-on Ivrit program is designed to develop Hebrew language skills in reading, writing, spelling, and speaking Modern Hebrew.


An important part of the program is exposing our students to Israeli literature, music, and culture strengthening their connection to the State of Israel.


Web Design in English Class

Web Design.jpg 


Empowering our High School students to thinking critically about their growth as a writer, they created personal online websites of carefully selected essays from as far back as third grade (when google drive become an integral part of the educational program at the Hebrew Academy.)

Portfolios is one of the ways for our high school students to see and share their learning growth over time. Many laughs were shared as we went down memory lane, amazed at how far we've all come and the progress we've made. From old poems, Haiku's, persuasive essay and even Judaic projects, it is always nice to see how we grow as a scholar, writer and thinker.

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Out of the World - Social Studies

 Social Studies.jpg

We’re nurturing the next-generation of Jewish scholars, leaders, with our rigorous academic programs built on the 50-year history of our Blue Ribbon school.

Our warm and welcoming learning environments spark our students’ curiosity and wonder while engaging all learners. Through hands on activities, meaningful lessons that incorporate movement and fun, keeps our students engaged and excited to discover as they learn.

Vision becomes Reality


The Hebrew Academy is always looking for innovative ways to engage and excite students. The Hebrew Academy's exceptional learning experience, motivates all learners while inspiring limitless possibilities.

New for 2021-22 is the Hebrew Academy MakerSpace, creating hands on experiences that encourage students to create, innovate, learn through choice, experiment and play. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on our PBL project "Living in Harmony with Nature"


A Grand Slam in 2nd Grade

 Grand Slam.jpg

Hebrew Academy 2nd Graders create Chanukah Greeting cards for seniors for their class mitzvah project “Smiles for Seniors” part of the Hebrew Academy annual Grand SLAM (Service Learning through Active Mitzvot) projects conducted throughout each school year. Students at every grade level select a non-profit organization. Through research, collaboration and understanding of the organization's mission, as a class they decide how to support their organization of choice, individually and collectively.

“I've seen how the Grand SLAM projects deepen learning for our students,” says Principal, Dr. Bryn Harari. “Seamlessly integrating Jewish education and Common Core academics creates meaning and purpose for… Read More »

Lunch is more than just eating


Lunchtime is our Kindergarten class's favorite time of the day. Of course it's a time to eat, but it's also about having time to talk, laugh and socialize with friends. We found that they enjoy their food more and may even try healthier options if they can relax, eat, and socialize without feeling rushed. Bon Appetit! 

Rosh Chodesh Tevet

 Rosh Chodesh 1.jpg

Congratulations to all our Rosh Chodesh award recipients. We are so proud of your accomplishments - may you keep going from strength to strength!

Special thank you to our Third Grade Choir for doing such an amazing job!

Rosh Chodesh 2.jpg

Rosh Chodesh 3.jpg

Rosh Chodesh 4.jpg 


Middle School Design Challenge


The Hebrew Academy is always looking for ways to enrich the curriculum creating experiences for our students that fuels creativity, passion and purpose. These opportunities urge our students to apply their best effort, to take action and use their mind and heart to their utmost transforming scholars into leaders. So proud of all of our Middle School students, we are looking forward to seeing you apply the knowledge gained to future projects.

Purpose Creates Passion

IMG_7113.JPGWhat an unbelievable week of celebrating Chanukah! The creativity and engagement from all the Hebrew Academy departments, came together and created meaningful and purposeful programs for students and parents creating memories and smiles to last a lifetime -


Purpose Creates Passion

IMG_7113.JPGWhat an unbelievable week of celebrating Chanukah! The creativity and engagement from all the Hebrew Academy departments, came together and created meaningful and purposeful programs for students and parents creating memories and smiles to last a lifetime -


If you believe you can you will!

If you believe you can.jpg

Today your child is a learner, but tomorrow they are a citizen, voter, and game changer.

In Jewish tradition, education, at its highest form, is an opportunity to engage with and celebrate your identity with the confidence to be an individual and leader.

Exceptional learning starts early at The Hebrew Academy. Discover how we help young scholars develop the academic, emotional and social skills with the confidence they need to become lifelong learners and future leaders.


Hebrew Academy Menorahs Light Up OC


Thanks to the creativity of our lower school Judaic staff, every child went home with their own unique Chanukah Menorah. From the fire truck menorah in Kindergarten, to the Chanukah Gelt Menorah in second grade, so much learning, skills and values were associated with these creations. 

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