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Learning Can Be FUN!

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Wow! Purim is really in the air! Kittah Alef - first grade is busy getting ready! We are writing our very own Megillahs, sharpening and excelling our newly learnt Hebrew cursive writing skills. Unique and modern (solar paneled light up) graggers are being made! Yummy and fun Mishloach Manot are being prepared to exchange. All of this and much more! Of course we are still managing to squeeze in our Hebrew reading practice and all of other interesting Judaic topics and skills.

Who said learning can’t be fun? 

Understanding the Past - Building the Future!

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This year in History, the middle school students are covering Ancient Civilizations, spanning from the early development of civilizations through the times of Ancient Rome.  We are presently halfway through our unit on the early Middle Eastern civilizations focusing on Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.  We just recently wrapped up our project on Ancient Mesopotamia. The students were assigned the task of creating a children’s book explaining the significance of Mesopotamia in a way a child could understand.  They then had an author’s reading where they got to read their books to the class! 
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At the high school level, we are currently learning about the importance of campaig… Read More »

Kindergarteners are Learning, Growing and Blooming

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Our Kindergarten classroom is bustling! The children are engaged in learning about themselves and the world around them. We are halfway through the school year, and the Kindergartners have achieved amazing milestones! They have become readers, writers and mathematicians in such a short amount of time. These children are inquisitive, and constantly asking interesting questions. Kindergartners are immersed in a variety of sensory experiences as they develop their physical (fine and large motor), social emotional, language, literacy, math and cognitive skills. 
This past month, we have been learning about plants and trees in collaboration with Judaic Studies and the holiday of Tu B’Shevat. We planted beans and obse… Read More »

HaNagif (the virus) has not stopped the Hebrew Academy Ivrit program

HaNagif (the virus) has not stopped the upper school girls from advancing in Ivrit! 
The 11-12th graders read Hebrew articles about university students who had special software installed on their laptops to monitor them during virtual exams. We then had a discussion (in Ivrit of course) on the pros and cons of being monitored electronically.  
The 9-10 graders have just taken their Ivrit midterms. They did well and are progressing  nicely in their speaking as well as their grammar.
The 7-8 graders are learning to express feelings of jealousy, anger, sadness, and fear - all in Hebrew. Their speaking and expression is much better. Keep it up!
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