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Passover Brings Hope

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The history of Passover reminds me of COVID-19. Not because the pandemic has the makings of the ten plagues in Egypt, but rather, because the takeaway from the holiday is an inspirational message, which resonates in our present situation. My experiences of the pandemic revolve mostly around my daily interactions within my community as Head of School at the Hebrew Academy. The Academy was forced to close in March, like most other schools, for the rest of the year. We retooled and converted to distance learning with impressive results. At the same time, with the assistance of our remarkable staff, we kept in touch through innovative points of contact with the hundreds of families we serve. But it could not replace live face-to-face in… Read More »

Practice Makes Perfect! So proud of our Fifth Graders

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In 5th grade we have been learning about The American Revolution all year. We started by watching Liberty Kids, an animated historical cartoon, that turns learning into fun. In February the students received their parts to learn for Walk Through the American Revolution. We spent all month rehearsing and memorizing our performance. This presentation helped the students learn about cooperating and collaborating with others in order to accomplish an end goal, presenting their parts and battle scenes. On March 17, we were fortunate enough to have a live dynamic program with a wonderful presenter that facilitated the morning. We learned even more about the American Revolution through games, re-enactments, music, and maps. I’m sure … Read More »

Music Helps Students Shine

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When it comes to music, our goal is for the children to be fully engaged. At a time when sitting in a socially distant classroom or watching Zoom lessons is the norm all over the country, our students are present and eager to play their hearts out in music classes.

Music tells us a story, and by learning how to read and write in the language of music, we learn about different cultures, ideas, and experiences. Additionally, students may be able to relate and connect with Jewish culture on a deeper level with the unique power of music.

Learning music also provides us a way to express ourselves. For students that are still developing their sense of self, music helps them to convey their feelings in place of words. Similarly, students may f… Read More »

Our Heroes Inspire our Future!

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This year in Jewish history we are focusing on American Jewish History. 

We are discovering how our ancestors got to America, where they came from and what brought them here. We spoke about the first Jews in America and the role they played in paving the path of what America is today. We learned that there were three major waves of Jews who came to America, first from Spain, then from Germany and finally from Poland/Eastern Europe

We are currently studying the Jews of Poland to help us understand what life was like for them and how they eventually made their way to America. It is fascinating uncovering the journeys, joys and hardships that our grandparents took to be where we are today!

Faygie Goorevitch
Jewish History… Read More »

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