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Pushing Past Our Comfort Zone - Reading and Writing Like Never Before

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This year in English the high school students are covering Nonfiction texts and are doing a lot of Composition - with many of the units aligning with the Cal State ERWC curriculum - which is meant to better bridge the gap between high school and college level reading and writing demands.  So far we have embarked on the following units: Writing 101 Bootcamp, What’s Next..Thinking about Life after High School, Social Media...The Double Edged Sword, Should College Athletes Be Paid?, Undercover Parent...Should Parents Use Spyware on the Kids’ Devices?, Education, and Gender. Students have been pushed in writing, in annotating articles, and in analyzing an author’s stylistic choices. Some highlights of the year… Read More »

First Graders are Ready to Soar!

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This year it has been just amazing to see our young first-grade students achieve milestone after milestone in all subject areas. They are so full of life and love for learning. They are willing to tackle challenges with a growth mindset and not become discouraged as the general studies’ content gets more and more challenging! Instead, they have learned to say with a smile and a happy heart, “I don’t get it …YET!” My reply is always, “That’s okay because I know you will soon!” 

First-grade mathematics provides a perfect example of their extraordinary stamina. This year, chapter after chapter has been building onto the basic skills of addition and subtraction. First, with… Read More »

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