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Can't Mask Our Joy - Welcome Back Staff

Amazing to be back on campus, with our staff, gearing up for an amazing year! New faces and new spaces - all that's missing is you!

It was inspiring to see the team come together to collaborate on this year's theme PUPOSE. Working together the staff discussed ways to promote intrinsic motivation and help the students become more engaged in their leaning experiences. Purpose Driven Learning promotes a sense of mission that unlocks each learner’s inner strengths and drive. By creating a sense of purpose that is both personal and meaningful we can brings out the best in every student. 

To read more about the value of Purpose Driven Education check out this article written in the WSJ:…Read More »

Learning Responsibility

 learning Responsibility.jpg

Our Kindergarten Garden is an interactive playground that feeds the natural curiosity and passion of our students, while teaching the value of responsibility and hard work, engaging all five senses!

The Hebrew Academy - where learning comes to life every single day!

Inspiring Curiosity

 Inspiring Curiousity.jpg

There is little more exciting than seeing a student’s curiosity and imagination take hold in the classroom.

R. Sragow ‘23 explores DNA that she extracted from fruit such as, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry and bananas and inventively uses light from a phone to get the best observation. Using the light was her ingenious idea, and allowed us all to clearly see the complete clump of DNA as it emerged from the solution, and allowed us to better compare each student’s yield of DNA from the different fruit.

“The hallmark of the scientist and abundant in Hebrew Academy scholars”

L. Marin, Upper School Science Teacher

Authentic Jewish Education

 Authentic Jewish Education.jpg

The Hebrew Academy’s authentic Judaic program promotes confidence, pride and belonging by creating real hands-on experiences for the students to learn, explore and take pride in our rich Jewish heritage.

Our Head of School, Rabbi Newman, makes time to demonstrate the intricate process of writing a Torah school, bringing learning to life for the students.

From Education to Jewish Pride, the children are our future!

The gift of Nachat

 Gift of Nachat.jpg

The gift that keeps on giving!

“We send our kids to school everyday confident that they are being taken care of, not only academically, but also emotionally and socially as well. Our children come home happy and excited about their day at school. Hebrew Academy was the best decision we made for our children.” Berger Family, Irvine, CA

We are a Community


The Hebrew Academy’s vision is to build a world where our Jewish Community is one, working towards a common goal of L’taken Olam - to improve the world.

Our future lies in the hands of our youngest generation who are inspired through our Grand S.L.A.M. (Service Learning through Active Mitzvot) Project. Every class selected their favorite non-profit organization and participated in the kind deeds that they accomplish.

Tzvi G. ‘31 proudly shares his class’s Mitzvah Project, Simchat Shabbat, to family and friends.

These enduring impressions inspire the power of Mitzvot - our future is bright!

The Power to Believe YOU CAN!


The Hebrew Academy’s 8:1 student teacher ratio allows for our students to maximize their classroom experiences.

Giving our teachers the opportunity to meet each child where they are as they support each student to achieve their personal goals. Each students is given the opportunity to shine, building their confidence to become leaders and valued community members!

Stronger Together

 Stronger Together.jpg

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of the Hebrew Academy education. The Hebrew Academy’s authentic and strong community, in partnership with Jewish Long Beach, nurtures every child to develop a strong positive identity, while empowering them to thrive.


Through a grant from Jewish Family and Children’s Services in Long Beach and West Orange County (JFCS), the Hebrew Academy provides individual and small group counseling with on-site therapists as well as psychoeducational and therapeutic art workshops. Innovative experiences like this drum circle support the social-emotional well-being of the students.




The Hebrew Academy’s award winning curriculum focuses on developing strong foundational STEM skills to promote 21st-century success - while ensuring opportunities for individuality and creativity.

In this open-ended math project, our first graders used Tangrams, applying spatial reasoning skills, geometry and their own creativity to create original pictures.

J. Berger proudly shares his creation - a duck walking on grass!

Experiential Learning

 Eperiencial Learning.jpg

The Hebrew Academy’s academic program creates opportunities for students to reflect on hands-on activities, making learning an experience that motivates them with a desire to understand.

In our Middle School Physical Science, when students learned about the nature of matter, mass and density. Mr. Shiver, our XSTREAM lab coordinator and teacher, created opportunities where engagement, understanding, critical thinking and reflection came together in a meaningful experience of learning.

We Are Family!



“Friendships built at the Hebrew Academy last a lifetime!”

It is our shared passion that brings us together and it is the value based program that ensures our students have the 21st century social skills required to maintain strong friendships with the power to create new ones. We are family!


#Am Yisroel Chai

 #Am Yisrael Chay.jpg

Am Yisrael Chai - As early as Pre-K our students are exposed and taught Hebrew. The Hebrew Academy Ivrit program is designed to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Ivrit as well as a deep love and appreciation for the land of Israel and Israeli culture. 

The Power to Innovate

 Power to Innovate.jpg

“The Hebrew Academy’s challenging and dynamic academic program endeavors to develop competent, enthusiastic and resourceful scholars who are prepared to succeed.” - Hebrew Academy Mission Statement.

When learning all about magnets, 2nd grade student, M. Lieberman’s determination and resourcefulness inspired her to find a way to make the balloon magnetic. The joy in success is priceless!

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