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Tech Thursday

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Thursdays at the Hebrew Academy Middle School have become known as Tech Thursday. The students are each working on their own 3d Design. Challenged to put their ideas to the test, and their best thinking forward we look forward to seeing their creations printed in our 3D printers.

It is always cool to see when and how the students choose to incorporate 3D printing in their PBLs, putting all the learning and skills to the test.


Happy Sukkot!

NO CAPTION NEEDED! The SMILES The JOY The ENERGY says it all! Through Stories, Songs, Games and Crafts, HA is ready to celebrate! Chag Sameach Hebrew Academy!


HA is making it REAL

The Hebrew Academy is making it R.E.A.L.!

We are so grateful to Hilary Buff, HA Alumna, and Children, Adolescent and Parenting Specialist for partnering with us to bring you this series Making it R.E.A.L - Realizing Exceptional Achievement in Learning.

During the busy holiday season, when we are so busy giving to others, Dr. Hilary stresses the importance of taking time to self care. After all, one cannot give from an empty cup. In addition Dr. Hilary stresses the importance that self care is much more than that. Taking time to self care, is a way of modeling to our children what they need to do when they are feeling… Read More »

Science and Sukkot


Maximizing all educational opportunities, our Judaic program incorporates important academic skills and topics to create meaningful and engaging lessons. Learning all about the 4 species we will use on Sukkot, we were sure to include a science lesson from Mr. Berger, about how he planted our school Esrog trees. From the 47 seeds he planted - our tree produces the most amazing and super large fruit. Each class had an chance to pick their very own class esrog - we are so excited to use it on Sukkot! Inspired to plant your own tree, our students will tell you how.


Making Learning Real

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Our first grade students made this working scale to facilitate their understanding of the 10 days of repentance. Aside from being able to visualize more than, less then and equals to, the children were able to understand how one more good deed can tip the scale.

That realization is incredibly empowering, because it shows students that each good deed can have an impact on the world around them. It shows them that they can use their education to achieve something - and it’s a physical embodiment of what they’ve learned.


Unite Inscribe and Celebrate

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With the new year upon us, now is the time to come together in healing, hope and light. Join our OC Unity Torah campaign to unite Jewish Communities across Orange County. Your participation helps us complete our generously donated hand-written Sefer Torah, preserve the message of the Torah, and strengthen Jewish life in OC.

Hebrew Academy families had an opportunity to personally inscribe a letter in the Torah. What an opportunity to be a part of history in the making. 



Join Team Hebrew Academy:


We look forward to greeting you on Sunday… Read More »

Prioritizing Intrinsic Motivation

Nothing like the motivation and engagement that comes when learning about something you passionately value and care about. Rosh Hashanah lessons go beyond the classroom, engaging all students in the learning process. When learning about the pomegranate related to Rosh Hashanah, our students went to our on site pomegranate orchard to learn about the fruit, how it grows. We also got to see some of the other 7 species that Israel is blessed with (figs, dates, olives and grapes). We all made sure to avoid the prickly sabra growing there as well. The students drove the learning with their questions and gained a deeper understanding of the fruit and how it grows. The joy and smiles as they each got to pick their own pomegranate for their Rosh… Read More »

Planting Seeds for Growth


One of our favorite Kindergarten storybooks, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, written by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault, inspires creativity, collaboration and joy. 

 The Kindergarteners were so inspired by the story, they built their own coconut trees complete with the letters of the alphabet.  

Today Is Your Day!

And we are off! What an amazing day to start off another outstanding school year! Looking forward to see the children grow socially and academically as they develop the confidence to be leaders!

At the Hebrew Academy it's the little things that matter!

DSC_0004.JPGDr. Harari, our esteemed principal, was sure to welcome every student by name, making sure everyone feels like a valued member of the Hebrew Academy community.

2021-22 has officially begun! 

Teamwork Empowers!

Our High School students were welcomed back to school, with an amazing day of excitement, adventure, teamwork and FUN!

The Hebrew Academy's award-winning 21st-century learning community, recognizes the importance of supporting every student to feel valued and important - empowering them to succeed. Let the adventures begin!

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