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Morah Gold Inspires Excellence


 Sometimes its the age old practices that work! 😍Thank you Morah Gold and the entire Ivrit (Hebrew language department) for your commitment to excellence and supporting our students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 to learn Ivrit✡️. Always looking for new ways to engage the students, using multisensory approaches that include auditory👂 and visual👀, and giving positive feedback so we are motivated to learn more😀!


Capture the Moment in time!

 Capture the moment.png

Friendships fun and joyful learning is the hallmark of the Hebrew Academy - Twosday was just too good to be true!


Thank you teachers for making this day so fun and memorable with all the added touches and costumes. Our middle and Upper School students even spent time learning the binary system - in twos!



Write it Right!


Hebrew Academy's unparalleled dedicated teachers and award curriculum nurture students' automaticity through direct, explicit instruction along with guided and independent practice.


Beginning in Kindergarten, the Hebrew Academy's academic program supports our students in building essential skills to create a strong foundation that promotes success throughout their academic journey.





Parent Teach Conferences are coming up!


We value the partnership between parents and teachers and know that the strong connection and valuable communication make the difference in your child’s education. Lower School conferences are coming up - make sure you register for the day and time that is convenient for you. (Upper School parents are requested to contact individual teachers directly)


All Sign-Up Links can be found here:






Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Rainey

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Always amazing when you have that teacher that will go the 🏃‍♀️extra mile - and with Mrs. Rainey, we mean it literally. 2nd-grade teacher and Upper School PE coach had plans of joining the🏅 Surf City Half Marathon 👟 - when the girls showed interest, she encouraged them to sign up for the 5K - and they did. Mrs. Rainey was right there with them, ran the 5K, and then continued on to do the half marathon.


Thank you Mrs. Rainey for supporting our students, inside and outside the classroom👩‍🏫, inspiring them to push beyond. Our students are going places and it is thanks to teachers like you!






Writing the future one experience at a time!


Hebrew Academy student in grades K-12 were treated to an unforgettable VR experience, that featured a tour inside the Holy Temple, the Beit Hamikdash.


Our students experienced what it would feel and sound like to walk through the courtyards, chambers, and halls of the Beit Hamikdash. They witnessed the Levites singing, the service of the Priestly Kohanim, and even the Holy of Holies - making dreams more tangible and the future a reality.


The Hebrew Academy is always looking for innovative ways to inspire our students to think creatively, imagine beyond, while empowering them to create a better tomorrow - one action at a time.



Purim Katan - not so Katan


At the Hebrew Academy, we never miss an opportunity to Celebrate - Happy Purim Katan!


We are getting into the Purim spirit - Save the Date: March 17. Nothing like a Hebrew Academy celebration!


Middle School - YOU DID IT!


Congratulations to all of our Middle School students who completed an outstanding multi-disciplinary project, culminating 3 months of preparation.


Our middle school students researched their elements and the causes and effects of specific natural disasters associated with the element, created informative websites, and conducted group presentations to inform others about how to be better prepared for when disaster may strike.


The students took the time to find sources in the Torah for their assigned element and even reflected on the personality traits and characteristics associated with each element. Passion and purpose fueled their quest to gain a deeper understanding empowering them to question, discover as they… Read More »

Celebrating Milestones!

The best time to Celebrate.png

Celebrating the milestones - our Kindergarteners finished learning all the Hebrew Alphabet, moving on to the vowels they will start reading words!


WOW! It’s no wonder our students inspire so many with their Hebrew Reading skills from so very young.


If we can teach our children how to read from the siddur so they can grow up and enter any synagogue in the world, we have provided a passport for the soul that will never expire. Am Yisroel Chai!



Celebrating Writing - Author's Day


Thank you Elana Rubinstein, author of the Saralee Siegel Books, a PJ Library chapter book for sharing your love of writing with our lower school students.


Our students were inspired by your love of writing infused with your love for Judaism and the Jewish Holidays. Your well-crafted relatable stories and joy for your stories have motivated many of our students to share their own.






HA's MakerSpace

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Hebrew Academy's MakerSpace inspires creativity and innovation while promoting success. 

Kids are by nature curious and creative and that's why we've created a space that nurtures and inspires innovation as an integral part of the well-rounded, rigorous, and future-ready education you will find on the Hebrew Academy campus. 

Research shows that creative arts programs help build skills that translate to other academic areas. A UCLA study showed that students with high arts involvement scored higher on standardized achievement tests.



4th Grade Mitzvah Project


All of our lower school classes have partnered with a different community organization generating awareness and support amongst family and friends. It is remarkable when the learning goes beyond the classroom walls propelling them to find ways to actively make a difference in someone else's life. So proud of our 4th-grade students that have partnered with Chai Lifeline - a leading international children's health support network, providing social, emotional, and financial support to children with life-threatening or lifelong illnesses and their families. Beyond the financial support, they are creating audiobooks for children that are sick with the hopes of bringing a smile to their faces. The Hebrew Academy's Grand S.L.A.M. annual… Read More »

High School Boys Volleyball


Volleyball brings our students together to play and learn, while building character, inspiring leadership, promoting teamwork, cultivating respect and fostering communication.


Our High School boys love the challenge of becoming their best at the different PE units at the Hebrew Academy. Tennis, soccer, basketball and now volleyball. As a team, they challenge themselves and support each other to get better, taking on new challenges they master the unique skill  that each sport presents empowering themselves to take risks while learning the power of hard work. 

High School Girls run Surf City 5K


So proud of our high school students that participated in the Surf City 5k. Your teamwork and energy are something to be admired. Special thank you to PE teacher Mrs. Rainey for inspiring the girls to run and Science Teacher Dr. Marin for coming out to see the girls off! Nothing like the Hebrew Academy Community! 

When Learning Explodes


When learning and wonder explode you create lifelong learners that are curious and inspired to explore and question.


Our chemistry students began their unit on gases by creating Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by mixing baking soda (NaHCO₃) and Vinegar (CH3COOH) and watching the gas blow up the balloon.


Thank you Dr. Marin for showing our High School chemistry students that atmospheric gases like CO2 do have a mass within the atmosphere.


Happy Rosh Chodesh Adar


The month of Adar was ushered in with the spirit, energy, and joy that the Hebrew Academy is known for. Always something exciting to celebrate!

Congratulations to all the winners - may you continue to go from strength to strength!





The Final Touches


Prepare to be amazed at the caliber of work our students created collaboratively in our cross-curricular project. In addition to the Common Core curriculum, they learn and apply next-generation critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and technology.

Their work culminates in a persuasive showcase on Thursday, Feb 3, demonstrating what they've learned and what they are proposing to address real-world problems.

This semester we have approached the concept of the four elements of nature: Earth, air, fire and water. As a group they focused on a specific natural disaster or occurrence within that element, such as volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. They have also learned about survival and emergency preparedness, and the… Read More »

Morah Devorah Named Teacher of the Year

IMG_4468 (1).JPG 

Congratulations Morah Devorah Botnick Lovitch - Top Teacher of Orange County Finalist for 2022 - by Parenting OC!

An honor well deserved!


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