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Walk Through the American Revolution


This week, Hebrew Academy 5th Grade students participated in the “Walk Through the American Revolution” and had the opportunity to actively participate in the dynamic retelling of the American Revolution, becoming experts in a specific subject of the Revolution, and had to answer questions and earn points for their teams while dressed in time period costumes.


Huge shoutout to Mrs. Moctezuma for your enthusiasm, guidance, support, and encouragement you gave the students and for arranging this experience to enable them to explore and understand the importance of American freedom and… Read More »

A passport for the Soul that will never expire.


A passport for the soul that will never expire- from as early as Kindergarten, Hebrew Academy students learn to read Hebrew and prayers from a siddur empowering them with the ability to enter any synagogue in the world and instantly feel at home.

Strive to Inspire


“Strive to inspire,” is the mantra of professional artist and Hebrew Academy art teacher, Erna.


Thank you art teacher Erna for all that you do to inspire, motivate, challenge, and bring out the best in each child. Your inspiration goes far beyond the Hebrew Academy MakerSpace.


Keeping ourselves Proud


"We need to keep ourselves proud people and instill the pride in our children" shared Visionary Award honoree, Mary Cramer to a full ballroom at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills.


Check out her full message:


US Presidents Museum in the works


Hebrew Academy third grade students are engaged in an immersive Living History project. Through research, writing, and collaborative opportunities they are each researching a different president and will be creating a Living History museum for family, friends, and other classes to visit. Stay tuned for more information.

Chemistry in NYC


Hebrew Academy education goes beyond the classroom walls. 

Thank you, Chemistry teacher, Dr. Marin for inspiring the girls to notice the chemical changes all the way in NYC -

3.jpg 4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg


At the Hebrew Academy, learning is meaningful, purposeful, and relevant - inspiring learners into leaders. Find out more: Visit

You can never have too much PI


You can have your “PI” and eat it too! Thank you Mrs. Jahanafard and Mrs. Newman for getting everyone so excited about PI day - and trying to memorize the never-ending irrational number of PI. Congratulations to the winners Yonah Greenspan - 187 digits and Chaya Weinbaum - 100 digits.



Most students used chunking to help remember the numbers, Chaya made a story incorporating the numbers that helped her get all the way to 100 - it must’ve been some story!


Of course, no lesson is ever complete without a hand’s-on learning experience of how the number for PI was created. Measuring tapes, circular items, and excel data charts showed us how the calculations of PI came to… Read More »

Celebrating the Moments


Celebrating the moments that matter while recognizing the values that make our school unique, the Hebrew Academy welcomed Adar II with our monthly award celebration assembly, where we recognized and celebrated the achievements of our friends and community.


Hats off to all our winners, nachas to all the families, as we continue to grow from strength to strength!


Mark your calendar for our Purim Celebration - Parents, friends and families welcome - come see what Hebrew Academy is all about!







Everyone Deserves to Celebrate Shabbat with JOY!


Thank you Glynis and Zoe for inspiring us to give with a full heart! Your dedication and commitment to Simchat Shabbat is remarkable. Our third graders could feel your love and joy for the mitzvah. We appreciate the time you took to come down to our campus and talk to the children and show them what the daily coin they put in the charity box in the classroom (or their home) can accomplish. 

All of our lower school classes have partnered with a different community organization generating awareness and support among family and friends. Our third grade students partnered with Simchat Shabbat a local organization that was inspired by the belief that everyone deserves to celebrate Shabbat with joy. 

The Hebrew Academy's… Read More »

The Sun Always Shines


Here at the Hebrew Academy the sun always shines - inside and outside the classroom.

Hebrew Academy teachers exude positive energy as they create a warm, nurturing space for the children to learn, experience and explore. 

Our Kindergarten students studied the weather, learned about the different types of clouds and how clouds collect moisture to make rain. They marked the weather for the month of February, counting all the sunshine.  

Always time for a Celebration


Celebrating the moments that matter. Effort and hard work pay off as the students in our lower school took time to celebrate the time they put into their I-Ready lessons - building confidence while supporting academic gains with loads of smiles.

Real Life Learning


As part of our disaster preparedness PBL, our 8th Grade students were trained in First Aid and CPR, giving them the real-life skills needed to help in an emergency.

This real-life, hands-on experience was engaging and empowering. Aside from boosting the students’ knowledge, this experiential learning opportunity gave the students a deep understanding of maintaining good health, understanding the signs of health risks and concerns, while empowering them with tools to help those in need.


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