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Ivrit program promotes love of Israel


An integral part of the Ivrit (Hebrew Language) Program at the Hebrew Academy is the appreciation and love for the the Land of Israel.

Our students composed letters for the IDF showing our support, love and appreciation for their sacrifice to defend and protect the Holy Land. We pray for your safety!

Congratulations 2nd Grade on your Chumash Celebration


Mazel Tov to our all 2nd Grade students and families on the tremendous milestone of receiving your Chumash!

You all worked so hard - and it showed. May your joy and excitement of this moment stay with you as you continue to grow from strength to strength!

Thank you to Morah Ronya for your tireless efforts as you continue to inspire generations for many more happy and healthy years- M'dor L'dor.


Lag B'Omer at Hebrew Academy

Lag B'Omer.png 

Through stories, songs, crafts, and games we learn about the significance of every holiday creating meaning, joy, and appreciation for who we are as a community - and Lag B'Omer is no different.

This year Lag B'Omer was celebrated with an amazing day of awesomeness that was arranged by our PA. Large moon bounces filled our back field and the smiles, laughter and fun filled the campus with delight.

To acknowledge the significance of the day the lower school was treated to archer. Thanks to Roei every child had an opportunity to safely shoot the bows and arrows and hit the targets!

Of course Lag B'Omer would not be complete without dancing and a bonfire. Nothing quite like the Hebrew Academy celebrations!


Open House 2021

Wow! What a remarkable Open House showcasing all the learning and growing and learning that takes place on our campus, every single day.

 So blessed to come together as a community to celebrate, take pride in our student's work and share the remarkable nachat!

 Huge shout out to the entire admin for their tireless efforts, for the teachers who love and teach our children daily, to the remarkable first grade team for the amazing Poetry and Pastries presentation, the entire Middle School staff for supporting the Middle School PBL and to our amazing Upper School Chemistry teacher, Dr. Marin for all the experiments, hands-on learning projects that inspired all the presentation. You guys rock! 


Supporting a Successful Middle School Transition

Middle School 101.png 

The Hebrew Academy has designed a unique Middle School Transition Curriculum to help facilitate the transition to Middle School. In addition to building important skills like time management, independent thinking, problem solving, communication  and social skills, the fifth grade students have multiple opportunities to meet the Middle School teachers and engage in learning activities that prepare them for middle school.  

Thank you Mrs. Jahanfard, Upper School math teacher, for opening your classroom to our fifth graders and allowing them the opportunity to experience a middle school math lesson, setting them up for success - one lesson at at… Read More »

Am Yisrael Chai


Wow! What a celebration! Huge shout out to our Upper School for taking us on a trip through Israel, for sharing your passions for the country and for teaching us so much.

From a delicious falafel lunch, making bath salts at the dead sea, fishing and boating in the Kineret, making Sand Art in Eilat, putting notes in the western wall, getting juice from a juice bar in Tel Aviv, learning about the holy city of Tzfat and milking a cow in the Kibbutz - we learned, enjoyed and got a taste of our homeland.  

Special Thank you to Morah Gold and Morah Efrat for leading this remarkable program.

"What an unbelievable day! Thank you to Morah Gold and Morah Efrat ! Thank you to the girls for putting together each of the… Read More »

Hebrew Academy MakerSpace

 Art_1 (5).jpg

“Art is super fun and calming,” high school student Shaina says of the MakerSpace, “and incorporating it into school just makes school that much better!”

Hebrew Academy campus is continuously reinvented to meet the ever-changing needs of a new era in education.

Technology, top-tier academics, critical thinking and creativity coincide to create innovative solutions to current and future challenges students themselves identify.

The MakerSpace art room was designed for and by next-generation learners. It is open, spacious, and generously stocked with an array of enticing art supplies and intriguing materials for students to create, experiment, and collaborate with, as they realize the potential they have to… Read More »

Thank You UCI Chemistry


Huge thank you to UCI's PhD, chemistry students, Sarah Ruttenberg and Jason Zhu, who shared several demonstration to explain key principals in Chemistry with the Hebrew Academy Upper School Students.


HA students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with these impressive scholars, who not only shared their knowledge, but also their experiences as learners who continuously find science fascinating, challenging and fun.


Thank you Sarah and Jason for your inspiration, wishing you success in your research which focuses on understanding diseases in which the nerves in the brain break down, such as Alzheimer's disease.


2.jpgRead More »

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