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Upcoming Masterclass: Emotion Regulation Skills

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Here at the Hebrew Academy, a private Jewish Day School in Orange County, we recognize that good learning begins with a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and students. Setting this foundation early in the year creates a learning environment that maximizes the experience for each kindergarten, middle school, or high school student and enables us to recognize and support what they need to succeed.

We also know that learning goes beyond the classroom curriculum, and helping children feel comfortable, safe, and happy to learn is where good learning can happen. As we get settled into an excellent new year, teachers are taking plenty of time to get to know students and ensure they are comfortable with the routines and… Read More »

Judaic Studies Enhances Learning Experiences

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In our new digitally social world we have only but two seconds to capture the minds and hearts of our audience as children younger and younger are becoming attached to devices. These new trends make it extremely difficult to connect and engage with students. Here at the Hebrew Academy, the Judaic program has a special way of entering the hearts of our students, connecting with them personally while empowering them to be lifelong learners.

Research has proven that technology has changed education negatively, deteriorating students' competencies in reading and writing, dehumanizing educational environments, distorting social interactions, and isolating individuals. Hebrew Academy continuously works hard to change those… Read More »

Digging In

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The High Holiday celebrations in the Jewish world are an incredibly hands-on experience. Even the tiniest active gesture pulls the holiday off the page and into our hands making it real tactile and dynamic. Slicing apples, cracking open pomegranates, finding tiny sticky hands asleep on the couch, clutching a Siddur heavy with emotion, or holding a tallit over a child’s head is all part of the Jewish New Year experience referred to as the High Holidays.

Coming through COVID, we have lost this essential element so vital to Jewish life and learning. In schools across the country, students have spent the past two-plus years being told to cover their faces and keep their distance. With the new school year upon us and the… Read More »

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