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When Tradition Meets Innovation: The Hebrew Academy Community Day School Celebrates Purim


When you think of the Purim holiday, you may imagine colorful costumes, festive music, and delicious treats. But did you know that sound also plays a crucial role in celebrating Purim? The Hebrew Academy Community Day School, in partnership with PJ Library of Orange County, recently hosted a STEM event that explored the science of sound and its significance in the Purim story. The "Sounds of Purim" event was educational and an exciting opportunity for the community to connect academic learning to their cultural identity.


The "Sounds of Purim" STEM event was a huge success, providing families with an engaging and interactive learning experience that combined STEM concepts with Judaic values. Through various… Read More »

Joy in the Classroom: Lessons from Hebrew Academy Community Day School


The Jewish month of Adar is upon us when joy and celebration take center stage. Adar reminds us of the importance of joy in our lives, not just as a fleeting emotion but as a core value that we can and should actively cultivate. This is especially true in education, where the value of joy can significantly impact students' learning and well-being.

At Hebrew Academy Community Day School, the importance of joy is woven into the fabric of the school's culture. Joy is not just an afterthought or occasional occurrence, but a central value embraced and celebrated daily.


"This wee, the high school students at Hebrew Academy brought the joy of Adar to the classrooms, and my kindergartener absolutely loved it. Thank you for bringing… Read More »

Laugh, Learn, and Connect: The Path to Parenting Resilience


Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in life. From dealing with a tantrum-throwing toddler to managing the academic and social pressures of middle school, being a parent requires us to be resilient. Resilience is a secret weapon that can help us and our children bounce back from setbacks, overcome adversity, and persist in facing obstacles. But how can we cultivate and strengthen this skill?


There are practical ways to foster resilience at every stage of a child's development. Offering age-appropriate choices and responsibilities can help toddlers develop problem-solving skills. School-age children can benefit from a growth mindset, where failures become opportunities to learn and… Read More »

Celebrating the Roots of Love and Embracing a Legacy: Hebrew Academy's Heartwarming Tu B’Shevat Celebration

Generations Day Blog.jpg

 This week, Hebrew Academy celebrated Tu B'Shevat and our annual Generations Day with a  day filled with love, appreciation, and meaningful experiences. 

The day kicked off with a cheerful assembly and lots of laughter. Our president, Don Kaiser, had us all in stitches with his jokes about grandchildren, and the kids put on some fantastic Hip Hop performances that got everyone smiling! We also got to get our hands dirty planting trees, creating some cool crafts and watched our unbelievable 3rd-grade choir perform with smiles and joy. It was so much fun to see grandparents and grandchildren bonding, having a blast and a great time together, sharing hugs and smiles, and creating meaningful memories. 

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With many… Read More »

Empower Your Child's Digital Habits

Empower Your Child's Digital Habits.png

Digital life is integral to our children's lives today, but creating a healthy balance with technology is essential. Excessive screen time can negatively affect children's physical and mental health, including disrupted sleep patterns, eye strain, and decreased attention span. The upcoming masterclass will provide knowledge and tools to create a healthy relationship with screens and help your child positively reset their digital life. 

In this masterclass, parents will gain a comprehensive understanding of the effects of excessive screen time on children's physical and mental health and the importance of creating a balanced digital lifestyle. 

This masterclass aims to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to help… Read More »

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