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A New Year, A Timeless Connection: The Transformative Power of ‘Mishpacha’ at the Hebrew Academy


Sometimes, it takes fresh eyes to truly appreciate the beauty of what's always there. When our new principal, Mr. Weiss, stepped into the Hebrew Academy, his immediate recognition of our unique bond was a poignant reminder of the treasure we possess.

Imagine stepping into a place where every face feels familiar and every corner echoes with warmth and welcome. This isn't a scene from a nostalgic memory or a family reunion; it's the everyday reality at the Hebrew Academy. The concept of "Mishpacha" or "family" isn't just a word; it's the very soul of our institution. As we embark on this new academic journey, let's delve into the transformative power of this familial bond and its profound impact on our… Read More »

A New Chapter Begins: Principal David Weiss's Vision for the Hebrew Academy

A New Chapter Begins: Principal David Weiss's Vision for the Hebrew Academy


When rigorous academic standards fuse with the profound depth of Jewish heritage, the result is more than just a blend—an elevated educational experience that captures the best of both worlds. At the Hebrew Academy, this purpose-driven fusion is at the heart of their mission, making the role of a principal both intricate and deeply rewarding. In a recent gathering with the school's administrative team, Mr. David Weiss, the newly appointed Principal, shared his enthusiasm and vision for the Academy, underscoring a commitment to this enhanced form of education.

An Elevated Approach to Learning and Tradition

After dedicating many years to K-12 public… Read More »

From Hebrew Academy to Oxford Academy: Celebrating Omid's Journey

It feels like just yesterday when an adorable young boy named Omid, newly arrived from Iran, stepped into our Hebrew Academy campus. His zest for learning was evident even then, as shown in this photo of him receiving an award at a Rosh Chodesh assembly. Today, Omid is a high schooler at Oxford Academy, aspiring for a medical career and making waves with his insightful writing!


Omid recently penned an article on the significant issue of sleep deprivation impacting teens like himself. Published in JLife, his piece not only raises awareness but also suggests practical solutions that could help. By contributing to the community through his writing, Omid embodies the spirit of community service that we emphasize at the Hebrew… Read More »

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