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The Great Shakeout: How the Four Species of Succot Resonate with Hebrew Academy's Core Values


Have you felt it? The shaking of the Four Species at Hebrew Academy is setting off a seismic wave of joy rippling through Huntington Beach and shaking the core of Orange County. It isn't just the festive atmosphere that Succot brings; This holiday highlights the core values that make Hebrew Academy extraordinary. Let's explore how the Four Species—citron, palm frond, myrtle, and willow—resonate with the heartbeat of our community.


The Etrog (Citron): A Burst of Joy and Legacy 

With its delightful fragrance and taste, the etrog is a sensory delight, much like how the Hebrew Academy makes traditions come alive. Students engage with their heritage meaningfully and joyfully through crafts, stories, and… Read More »

A Community of Love, Learning, and Growth


As we, parents and educators alike, navigate the excitement and promise of a new school year, it becomes ever more apparent that Hebrew Academy is more than a school. Together, we form a vibrant community committed to nurturing our children's minds and their souls. With unparalleled dedication and care, we're committed to reflecting our legacy, experiencing academic rigor, appreciating holistic growth, and learning purposefully.


A Unique Atmosphere: Where Teachers Love to Teach, and Students Love to Learn

Mr. Weiss, our new Principal, has quickly become integral to our Hebrew Academy mishpacha (family). His keen observation that our teachers' love for their students sets us apart resonates deeply with us. This love is… Read More »

Personal Passions Meet Educational Vision at Hebrew Academy


Last week's family game night at Angel's Stadium was more than just an event for Mr. Weiss, our new principal. As many reveled in the game, he forged connections, leading students behind the dugout for an experience they won't forget. This gesture went beyond baseball; it showcased his dedication to ensuring every student feels valued. With Mr. Weiss at the helm, the Hebrew Academy is a place of observation and active participation, where every member contributes to the academy's collective journey.



A Unified Vision with Strong Support 

When Mr. Weiss shared school expectations with the Middle and Upper School students, it was a rallying cry for unity, purpose, and a shared vision. Through his anecdotes… Read More »

The Hebrew Academy: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

The Hebrew Academy: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

In the fast-paced world of Orange County, parents often juggle between work, home, and the quest for the perfect educational environment for their children. Amidst this whirlwind, the Hebrew Academy Community Day School emerges as a pillar of learning and tradition.

A Unique Blend


At the Hebrew Academy, we don't just teach; we nurture. Our approach is a harmonious blend of rigorous academic curriculum and the timeless teachings of Jewish tradition. It's an environment where students are encouraged to question, explore, and grow intellectually and spiritually.

Prioritizing Safety and Well-being 


In today's ever-changing landscape, the safety and well-being of our… Read More »

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