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The New Year Starts with Lots of Excitement

Tuesday, 7 October, 2014 - 12:54 pm

The New Year Starts with Lots of Excitement September 24th

Carlson 9.23.14.jpgAs a school with four divisions – preschool, elementary, middle and high school – one thing is guaranteed… there are always LOTS of activities going on. For example, this week there were many activities related to Rosh Hashana.

Our younger students were experiencing their first Rosh Chodesh assembly of the year. It was a particularly beautiful thing to watch our kinder-kids learn about various awards given, how the awards can be earned and what happens when they receive one of those awards. It was with enthusiasm that Rabbi Popack led the young scholars in a prayer for the month of Tishrei. I then shared my sentiments with the students. I know that they are all destined to make a positive difference in this world; and therefore, we take our job of equipping them with strong academic, thinking and communication skills very seriously. We then gave out the awards!

The middle school girls were in the multi-purpose room working with Ms. Schneider and their teachers. They were learning more about the importance of organization and how they could better organize themselves. They also gained some insight into the skill of working together. Many of the girls realized that they needed to really consider their accountability in becoming a happy and successful student.

Our high school students got a chance to learn with Rabbi Stillerman about the New Year and how they, as young ladies, can best prepare themselves for this important fresh start. 

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