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Upper School Corner - Mrs. Jennifer Bledsoe

Wednesday, 20 April, 2016 - 12:54 pm

College Readiness

Mrs. Jennifer Bledsoe-Academic Specialist/English Teacher

Recently, the students in the high school had an informative and reassuring guest speaker.  Mr. Kurt Meyer is a Professor of English at Irvine Valley College (IVC), and he came to speak with the students about community college options, the differences between community colleges and universities, and the various course offerings available (either on a transfer to university track, or certificate programs in specialized studies).  He explained the various support services that exist to serve students, from tutoring and writing centers where students can get help with their work, to regularly scheduled faculty office hours. Students were very surprised to hear that attending a university didn’t guarantee that they’d be learning from a professor. Instead, they learned about how PhD students often teach classes at universities, but that community colleges have only professors. Another of the interesting things shared was that the general education courses are fully transferrable to most universities, yet the cost to attend IVC for one year was 90% less than taking the same course of study at University of California, Irvine.  IVC, like many community colleges, has a Transfer Admission Guarantee.  This program offers students guaranteed admissions to several colleges and universities upon successful completion.  Professor Meyer revealed that had he completed a Transfer Admission Guarantee program at the community college level, he probably would have been able to gain admission to the college of his dreams, and he explained some additional plusses and minuses of attending a community college as opposed to entering a four-year university directly.  The students stated that they found this information very helpful; one student said, “It helped clear our confusion about all the many colleges that we can go to.”  They revealed that they felt reassured about their futures and the different options available to them.  The presentation gave them “needed clarity”, and many stated that in addition to calming many of their fears, Professor Meyer’s presentation was informative and inspiring.



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