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Upper School Corner - Rabbi Mendy Naparstek

Thursday, 15 September, 2016 - 1:18 pm

The Talmud!

We are now full swing into our Talmud classes and it is so rich with with life lessons and life skills! The kids are already able to identify the structure of the Mishne, know the "Who said it?", "What is the case?", "What is the law and why?". They can also navigate their way around a page of Talmud!

There are many thinking skills that the kids have in their bag after spending time learning Talmud, one o those skills that we just focused on is what does 'Inference' mean. This  exercise teaches them to analyze text and have independent thinking.

It is so nice too see all the kids so involved and enthusiastic about their learning!

May we all have a Kesiva Vachasima Tovah - Written and sealed for a good and healthy year!

Sample of a work sheet - 


A number of statements follow each of the sentences below. Indicate next to each statement whether it is explicitly stated, inferred, or neither stated nor inferred. Use an “E” for explicit, an “I” for inferred, and an “N” for neither. 

1) United States troops left Vietnam in haste.

___ The U.S. army entered Vietnam.

___ The U.S. army left Vietnam. 

___ The U.S. army faced defeat in Vietnam. 

___ The U.S. army lost many soldiers in Vietnam.


2) The Yankees returned from the World Series to a ticker tape parade on Broadway. ___ The Yankees played in the World Series.

___ The Yankees won the World Series. 

___ There was a parade on Broadway. 

___ The citizens of New York are happy with the Yankees.

___ The Yankees will not be trading any of their players this year.

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