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Upper School Corner - Mrs. McKenna Harkins

Friday, 7 October, 2016 - 3:11 pm

 Ecosystems and Populations and Habitats-- Oh My!

Since the beginning of the year, the middle school students have been engaging in thoughtful dialogue about ecosystems-- understanding what they are, how they work, and how they can be impacted. In order to do this, students have learned about the living and nonliving factors that influence an ecosystem, and what kinds of responses the ecosystem can have. In addition, students have learned about food chains, food webs, and how interactions between different species can have a big impact!

In order to help students understand these concepts in a hands-on way, Mr. Nason and I have been eager to provide interactive opportunities for the students to engage with the content in a very authentic way. Students have been conducting mini-labs to identify how scientists can accurately (or not!) measure populations, witness how ecosystems can support the growth of populations, and recognize how ecosystems can fall apart when one aspect of the food chain is disrupted.

Looking ahead, we are eager for students to create strong connections with the material and build a strong foundation of information. Students will be utilizing this wealth of knowledge in the coming months as they engage in project-based learning to further understand and apply the content they have learned. Although we cannot give too many details yet, we are excited for students to take the classroom concepts that they have encountered and apply it to real-world situations to determine how ecosystems are affected by a variety of factors. Not only will students be studying these concepts in the classroom by thinking critically about solutions to real-world problems, but they will also be experiencing an engaging field trip soon! Please be on the lookout for more details coming your way.

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