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We are back on Campus!

Thursday, 1 October, 2020 - 6:17 pm

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The Hebrew Academy did not manage to land on the moon or discover a new continent. What we did manage is to bring society's most valuable and vulnerable assets - the children - back to school for serious  learning at the earliest time possible. This is a feat no less significant than the greatest accomplishments - for each and every one of our precious children and their families. It is exhilarating and heartwarming to witness the smiles of our children (behind the masks) as I cruise through the campus. They are so happy to be able to interact with each other and be involved in productive learning throughout the day . As challenging as it may be under the present circumstances, our staff has been successful in creating a welcoming environment where the children feel comfortable to learn and eager to attend every day. We are most grateful to each and every one of our team members for their part in making our program a success and to our parents for their cooperation. 

The present situation in our communities and the world during this unprecedented challenge of Covid-19 has been stressful for all of us. But there is a silver lining that lies within the experience. Because of the precariousness of every day living we have gained an appreciation of life itself. We have learned to appreciate the miracle of life together with the vulnerability of life. We have learned about the gift of children that is a blessing from G-d and to cherish every moment with our children and families. Let’s take this learned reality that we may have taken for granted and take time to thank G-d for every moment of living and the quality of life. 





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