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A Peek into our Fifth Grade Judaic Studies Classroom

Monday, 5 October, 2020 - 9:58 am


We are so excited to be back in school! Seeing the kids' smiles, their joy to be in school and spending time with their friends is truly amazing!

Fifth grade is the time when the kids are learning independence in their thinking, processing and writing. They write their own weekly Dvar Torahs based on the weekly Torah portion, and internalize personal messages about how to apply these teachings to their daily life.

Chumash is our foundation. When we learn about our forefathers; their character, qualities and even sacrifices, it always becomes so meaningful when we internalize these lessons and values. What should someone do in a time of despair? Why do we all feel so connected to the land of Israel? During our Chumash class these and many more life lessons are applied daily. We have already learned the importance of Hakoras Hatov as exemplified by our forefather Yitschak, when he thanked Hashem for the blessings he had received. Learning from his example, we took the time to recognize areas in our life that we could be thankful and grateful and discussed different ways of showing our gratitude.

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