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Learning Aleph Beis is a full sensory experience!

Thursday, 19 November, 2020 - 5:17 pm

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Kindergarten is the year we lay the foundation for Hebrew reading. This week was a very exciting week for Kindergarten:  We introduced Aleph Beis reading books! Each student received a brand new shiny reading book. We sit in small groups and each student gets a turn to read and follow along as other students read. When our little Kindergarteners complete a page their entire body shines with pride, Go Kindergarten super readers!

While familiarizing ourselves with the Aleph Beis letters we enjoy a full sensory experience, one that will speak to every student's individual way of learning. Some of our  favorites are Aleph Beis Mystery Bags, Mrs. Aleph’s Bayit Puppet stories, Aleph Beis songs, JiTap (interactive computer program), Aleph Beis worksheets, Action Aleph- full body Aleph Beis practice, and of course our reading groups!

We are so excited to become fluent in the Alephbeis and begin our journey of Aleph Beis reading together!

Morah Devorah
Kindergarten Judaic Studies Teacher 

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