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Lessons that just POP!

Tuesday, 24 November, 2020 - 6:10 pm

 Parsha Popout.jpg

There is so much learning and growing happening in our third grade Judaic classroom. Taking advantage of our natural curiosity to learn new things, the children have been engaged in many exploratory learning opportunities.  Using Parsha webquests, the students use the internet to investigate new material by answering some basic guided questions. Applying their existing background knowledge of the stories in the Torah, they are given opportunities to gain a deeper knowledge of the specific Torah Portions. As they process the information they are collecting they are enthusiastically making personal connections and discovering the Torah values and personal life lessons. Taking the time to write a summary that includes a personal life lesson ensures that these personal lessons are internalized. The students are also given an opportunity to create a slideshow with the information they have collected.

The highlight of our Parsha lessons is always the Dvar Torah that just POPs! After learning the Parsha in depth, we create a popout of the highlight of the Parsha. Students love the Parsha PopOuts and look forward to doing it all week. They love the opportunity to be creative and enjoy adding their personal touches to enhance the week's lesson and theme. No week is complete without internalizing and personalizing the messages as they grow in their pride in Hashem, the Torah and Am Yisrael and are always excited to share the lesson and PopOut surprise at their family Shabbos table!

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