Kindergarten is getting ready for Shavuot! Are you?

Monday, 3 May, 2021 - 11:04 am



In Kindergarten we are moving our way up the Mountain of Har Sinai with our very own footsteps. We are counting our way up to the top of Hars Sinai with excitement and getting ready to celebrate the Holiday of Shavuos and the giving of the Torah.

During this time, we also reflect on our relationship with others and find ways to express our love for one another. We learn from Rabbi Akiva "Veahavta Leraiacha Kamocha - you shall love your fellow as yourself"". This is our rainbow of hearts - special messages that the children are writing to their Kindergarten friends for all the nice things that they do for one another.

Lots of Kindness and Love in the Kindergarten!

Morah Miriam 


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